Yesterday was a strange day. It all started when I went to pick up Jade from school. It is a normal part of my day to pick up the girls from school in the afternoons and for the most part, this routine is usually uneventful. Yesterday afternoon though was different and Jade even noticed it even before events unfolded.

I am working on a couple of projects simultaneously at work and I was so focused on what I was doing that I almost forgot to leave on time to do my pick up run. I was five minutes late leaving and by the time I got to Jade’s school, almost all the kids had been picked up already, except for a few. She asked if I can give her friend a ride home as she didn’t have one and she would have had to walk home. She doesn’t live far, so I said ok. After we dropped her off, I started driving towards Asi’s school to pick her up next. We were just driving into the high school when Jade suddenly remembered that Asi won’t be there because she is going to a club meeting after school. She had told me that the night before too, but I forgot. So we turned back around and started heading for home where I was hoping I’d get a few minutes to get a bite to eat before picking up the clone from elementary school.

On the drive back, a jerk started tailing me and making hand gestures. I guess I wasn’t going fast enough for him. So I slowed down even more so, to the posted speed limit. Jerk! Anyway, as we were turning into our street, we find out that the street has been closed for maintenance. We had to drive around to come in from the other end of the street. At this point, Jade said, “Mom, you should notice these signs because I think all these little obstacles are telling you not to go back to work.” We laugh if off, of course.

So after a few minutes to go for a bathroom break and drop off our stuff at home, it was already time to go and pick up the Clone from school. I figured we’d go pick her up and circle back to pick up Asi from the high school, drop them back off at the house then go back to work. I figured wrong.

photo from local ABC websiteBy the time we arrive at the high school, there was a lone police car blocking the drive way and not letting any parent through. All the officer would say was that the school was on lockdown and they were not letting anybody in or out. So I drive about a block away and pull into a church parking lot to figure out what to do next. Before I could even put the car into park, about twenty police cars zoomed by with their sirens blaring heading for the school. This is when I started worrying. Before you knew it, the swat team pulled into the same parking lot I and other parents are in. They started suiting up in their assault gear. By this time, some of the parents were getting hysterical.

The worst thing about sitting and waiting and worrying, is not knowing what is really happening. The rumor mills start turning, and you don’t know what to believe. The initial news was that there is someone with a gun at school. Then the rumor escalated to that someone was shooting at the school. I knew Asi was supposed to be in front of the school waiting to be picked up. I just prayed that she is ok.

Luckily, the whole incident was a false alarm. Officials dub it a “misunderstanding”. The campus was opened back up a couple of hours later and we were able to pick up Asi. She was scared for a while, she said, but otherwise ok.

You can read more about this brouhaha here:

photo from local ABC websiteOh wait, the day isn’t over yet. We got home just in time to see the incident on the local news (click on the link above for details). The school lockdown dominated the ‘breaking news’ reports until just before the eleven o’clock news. At 10 o’clock the school event was already old news as another breaking news, a toxic chemical fire a few miles away in Apex now had everyone’s attention. The fumes from the fire can be really hazardous so they have evacuated over 16,000 residents from the area. Local news has been covering this event all night and most of the morning today.

We are not affected by this incident as much as we are luckily upwind from the area. You can read more about this fire here:

So, do you believe in signs?

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10 thoughts on “SIGNS

  1. Joan

    Wow, what a day. I can’t imagine being outside the school waiting – especially given the recent events. As far as Apex, we have friends who are holed up in a hotel room. They went to the NCSU game then weren’t allowed into their neighborhood.

  2. Omom

    I was happily eating my dinner alone in a restaurant (hubby on a business trip and kids at mother’s house) when I got your email about the lock-down. I almost choked on my food! I was thinking the worst from all the news on school shootings, etc. I am soo very relieved that everything and everyone is ok. Yes, I do believe in signs! Angels always talk to us, it’s up to us to listen…


  3. Francesca

    no its not about signs. Time and occurrence sometimes happens with out any warning or signs.
    But I am relieved, your Asi is safe. I was thinking she was one of the victims, bec I read the bad news in tv about the shooting by a goonie!

    hAAAARRGH, we cant be safe anymore anywhere! When will this end???!

  4. Erin Monahan

    I was watching and reading about this stuff as it happened. I DO believe in signs, and I’m really glad you and yours are ok!

  5. Dr. Emer

    I believe in signs but not until I’ve exhausted everything logical. I’m happy you and the kids are ok, JMom. Ingat lagi.

  6. JMom

    Hi joan, that was such a scary experience I’d be glad if I don’t ever feel that much fear and helplessness again.

    Hi sis, it was pretty scary, but maybe I shouldn’t have put the subject title that I did when I sent you that message 🙂

    Hi Francesca, I don’t know that quick and easy answer to end all these violence either, but like you I just wish it just stops.

    Hi Erin, thanks. I believe in signs too, if only we alway saw them and heed them. But I guess that would be in a perfect world where we wouldn’t need signs in the first place.

    Hi stel, ultimate nightmare talaga. I have your email, salamat sa songs ha? I’ll write you a longer reply in the morning. Tawag ka lang sa office when you have time.

    Hi doc, salamat sa dalaw 🙂 Yes, we are all fine.

    Hi Rose, thank you. It really was a frightening experience. It was a nightmare.

  7. Sari-Sari Winkel

    what a strange day indeed JMOM. Events such as these remind us really not to take things for granted. Glad to know that you and the girls are okay.

  8. MrsPartyGirl

    hi jmom, i’m happy that you’re all ok, especially your kids. i believe in signs, too. sometimes, not everything can have a logical explanation. i think we were all gifted with intuitive powers (especially us moms!) so we can use them. 🙂


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