Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry

One of the best deals for sightseeing in NC is the ferry system along its coast. We take this ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport everytime we go to Wilmington just for the ride and the view. For a mere $5 we get to drive onto the ferry and sail across to the other side. It’s a short 30 minute ride, and the views are wonderful.

Here are some photos:
Waiting for the Ferry to come, we saw this bird also hanging about. (Click for larger view)

So what do you do during the 30 minute ride? Take pictures of course!

For entertainment, you can join the crowd at the back of the boat and feed the sea gulls. They are expert catchers and kept pace with the ferry during the entire crossing.

Click on the photos for a larger view. You will go to the album where there are more photos taken during the crossing.

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