Don’t know if it’s the weather or the time change or the fact that it is now dark when I get home from work or that’s it’s colder or all of the above, but I am just darn irritable to day. Well, all that and I’m also PMSing but what ever….

I dozed off while watching Heroes, which really then irritated me cause I love Heroes! and I just can’t believe I fell asleep while watching it. Then, I realized, all my kids are still up at 10 o’clock on a school night! and the kitchen hasn’t been tidied up! grrrr……. don’t know why these little things bothered me tonight when normally I wouldn’t even worry about it.

 Oh, and if it wasn’t for NaBloPoMo, i wouldn’t even bother writing anything up tonight, but I just realized I hadn’t posted today yet. grrrr!

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2 thoughts on “Irritable

  1. JMom Post author

    hi meeya, that’s exactly what I did! 🙂

    The good thing about ranting on a blog, as soon as you hit ‘publish’ you feel better already 🙂 thanks.


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