Irritated Part II

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYep, still ranting today….. so move on if you don’t want to hear me whine.

My two older daughters, who are both in concert band (not marching band, mind you), came home yesterday (I had forgotten about this last night, so it may have contributed to my irritability too) asking for a check for $45. Each. For performance uniform that their band teacher had deemed necessary for them to have.

Like I said, this is concert band, not marching band. They have one performance per semester. They will probably have one before the Christmas break.

Previously, their band teachers have just required them, for their formal performances to wear black and white. Usually a black bottom, either skirt or pants, and a white dress shirt, no t-shirts. Or a dress. This photo was taken before their concert last year. And that was fine, they always had some kind of black/white combination that they can wear. Now this year’s teacher, who I have a feeling is a new teacher and probably does not have kids, felt the need to require his band students to purchase band uniforms from a tuxedo shop, for $45 each.

They got their uniforms this week, and although they were supposed to have been custom fitted, of course they don’t fit right and they will have to arrange to exchange them. GRRRR!

Really what self-respecting teacher would require this of students when they know that the school that they are in is a middle class school with plenty of students below the middle class income level? That’s what irritates me. It’s not a rich school and $45 for an outfit that they are going to wear one time would be a stretch for most families. Don’t forget they also have other expenditures in high school like class yearbooks, and stuff.

AND what’s more, it would be ok with me if he had scheduled more performances with them, but NO, it’s just that one performance. The girls also say that this teacher is not teaching them as much as their other band teacher. I can tell, from listening to them practice. They just don’t have the same excitement as they used to have. Jade is even considering dropping band next year so she can concentrate on her other classes instead.

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2 thoughts on “Irritated Part II

  1. Meeya

    that’s so sad! instead of inspiring the students, the teacher just did the exact opposite. (*blows raspberries to the new band teacher*). you have every right to rant. i’m with you on this.

  2. JMom Post author

    hi Meeya. The more I think about it, the more I think that we should go talk to this teacher. It seems like since school started, all this band teacher has done is make the kids do fund raisers. Right now they are raising funds to go on a $400 4-day trip to Myrtle Beach, SC trip, and the girls said he is doing a hard sell to get everyone to go.

    Now I have two girls that I don’t let go on sleep overs, so you know I am not going to let them go on a four day trip out of town without me. I can’t afford to go, so they are not going either.

    I’m beginning to think this guy is getting kickbacks from all these expenses he’s making the kids pay for.


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