N.C. Schools Trash 35,000 Pounds of Beef

Twenty-five N.C. school districts were affected by the recent beef recall. This news has been on all the local news broadcasts all week. They has been describing how Wake County, one of the largest school districts in the state stands to lose as much as $100,000 unless they are reimbursed by the supplier. They say that there haven’t been any cases of children getting sick from the recalled meat. They also claim that none of the meat have been served to children. That is a bit hard to believe considering the recalled meat goes as far back to 2006. They probably just do not want to cause panic and undue worry, but I’m sure some of that meat has been cooked up and served.

While my children do not eat school food, they bring their lunches from home, it makes me wonder how much of the recalled beef I’VE served them at home. They never mentioned whether some of this same beef was ever released for public consumption or if they were only used for intitutional use. That is truly worrisome.

Do you know why the beef was recalled? Granted, we do eat dead meat. We prefer it that way. However, we do prefer the animals to be healthy before we slaughter them for food. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that when meat is unhealthy or dead (decaying), it can’t be good for you. A California slaughter plant violated this basic premise by serving up cows that are on the verge of death. They are prodded to stand and walk to slaughter just so they can say it was alive when slaughtered. There are even allegations that sick cows were fork lifted to slaughter so long as they were still breathing. This is sad and cruel and an apalling example of greed. That’s the bottom line.

Please help support the work of the investigators who bring these shocking abuses to light by making an emergency contribution to The Humane Society of the United States’ Investigations Fund.

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3 thoughts on “N.C. Schools Trash 35,000 Pounds of Beef

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  2. joan

    I was very diligent about buying organic milk, beef and chicken as well as veggies and fruit if they were available. I got slack about the beef because our mainstream grocery store cut back on their selection. The whole thing has made me go to the organic grocery store – Earthfare and buy from there. It’s a little inconvenient shopping at 2 places but I feel it’s worth the time and money.

  3. JMom Post author

    Hi Joan, I am seriously considering cutting out beef and a lot of meats from our diet (it won’t be easy), but going organic, even though more expensive, will probably be the route I’ll be going soon. There have been way too many problems with food lately, especially meats. It’s scary.


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