Sisters…. you gotta love ’em


My two older girls are only 11 months apart so right now they are the same age. Since Jade just had her birthday and Asi‘s won’t be for a couple of weeks, they are both 15 years old at the moment.

They’ve always been mistaken for twins and after a while they learned to answer vehemently, “No, we’re 11 months apart!” hehe! They don’t get asked the twin question anymore but now it’s the “who’s older” question that is getting their goat since the younger one, Jade is taller than Asi now.

I found an old brag book while cleaning out my stuff over the weekend and found this note and photo. The note was written by Jade (the younger one) when she was about 4 years old. As you can see, the sibling rivalry started early. Overall though, I say they get along pretty well with each other.

Well, about as well as you can expect from sisters 😉 I grew up with two sisters too and while I love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world now, I remember times when I wished I was an only child. I’m sure they (my sisters) did too. lol!

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8 thoughts on “Sisters…. you gotta love ’em

  1. Meeya

    oh how cute! 🙂 sometimes i wish i had another child (particularly a daughter) right after ninna para she could have a “bestfriend” with her too. my brother and i are 13 months apart naman and (as my mom would say) para kaming aso at pusa, haha! when i think about that, ok na rin na isa lang muna si ninna for now. 😀

    btw, i have a tag for you! its HERE. thanks! 🙂

  2. Jet

    awww JMom… that was so sweet of Jade! When I was a kid, I hated my siblings. I learned how to conceive conspiracy theories at a very early age, all thanks to them. Now, I love them to bits and like you, I will not trade them for anything in the world.

    JMom, a bit of unrelated topic ha, if I may. I tagged you! 😀

  3. francesca

    hey, anjo and marghie naman 11 months din pagitan.
    Its our fault. We are soo pretty, so may kasunod agad, hehehehe

    cute nila, naka stokings pa…

  4. JMom

    hi Meeya and Jet! I’ll get to those tags soon. Naka bookmark na 😉

    nyaha!! Francesca 🙂 yep, that must be it. We’re just too irresistible.

    hi bill, hehe! they’re going to hate you said that 😉

    hi joan, I know what you mean. I’ve been looking at their baby pictures lately, and it just makes me a little sad. I can’t believe the young women at my house were those same babies in the pictures.

    Hi elizabeth, jade is actually her middle name. Her full name is Ambrielle Jade. On my way to your post right now….

  5. nance

    look at those smiles and cute cheeks! … they are adorable, jmom!

    i remember when i was growing up that i wished a million times to be the only child too … but now that we are all older, we have the best relationships ever!

    (sorry, one of these days, i have to do your tag … thanks for being patient)


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