The Name That Blog Meme!

Read my post on Found Not Lost to find out how this meme came about. It’s really simple, all you have to do is answer the question:


You can leave your answer on the comments section and ask the same question of your readers who have interesting blog names.

I’m curious how the following blogs got their names so I tag:
Southern Suburbia
Cup of Deja Brew
Svelte Rogue Reborn
Wifely Steps

How did I come up with Amoores as the name of this blog?
Well, I’m unimaginative you see, and couldn’t think of anything else to name our blog other than our name. A is for my husband’s and daughter’s first name initial. And well Moore is our last name. Amoore is what we named my husband’s business because it is also a play on Amour or love, thus the house built on love.

What’s your story? Leave your comment or post on your blog and tag other bloggers who’s blog name intrigues you.

This question was first asked by Zero and UP. Find out what’s behind the name!

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9 thoughts on “The Name That Blog Meme!

  1. joan

    I’d love to say the story behind Southern Suburbia is very interesting but the truth is I live in the suburbs in the south. I started the blog July 2006. I went to bed one night thinking I’d like to start a blog and the name Southern Suburbia just hit me. I was relieved when I checked the next morning and found out it wasn’t taken. I identify myself as an woman, wife, mother, accountant, App fan, North Carolinian etc. All those things and more make up my life out here in the ‘burbs. I wanted a blog name which was a little vague and didn’t rope me into one category of blogs.

  2. Elween

    that name is very creative and inspirational, who says you are unimaginative? hehe 🙂

    this tag is kinda fun. 🙂

    anyway, I came over from Mari’s blog. have a nice day! 🙂

  3. rolly

    Hey, a play on amour is not bad actually. Mine is really unimaginative. I was just playing for alliteration when I thought about “Turo ni Tito”.

    I also loved Nick’s WatsOn line, Deja Brew and Mec’s Mecomposing. These are titles you knew were well thought out.

  4. pinoymom

    will join in the fun too j! interesting since i am also having a dilemma, what to fianlly name my new blogsite…hahaha! will do a post about it soon!

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