Eating in the Dark

DarkLast night I cooked garlic fried chicken wings, fried tilapia, spaghetti and showpeas with yellow peppers for dinner. I cooked it pretty fast, too. Considering I got home at six, we were ready to eat by 7:30. Right when I called, “dinner’s ready” and everyone was milling around the kitchen getting their plates, the power goes out!

There was still a bit of light outside so we opened the window for light and went searching for flashlights and candles. Usually by the time we get find the flashlights the power switches back on. But not last night. So we got comfortable and settled down for a candle lit dinner. The Clone thought it was a swell idea. Even called it romantic.

Well, it was…. a swell idea.

We ate, fully expecting the lights to back on after dinner. But no, still no light after dinner. So we sat/laid around and just talked. No computers, no TV, no phone, no interruptions. Just us, talking the night away…. in the dark.

That was… romantic.

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6 thoughts on “Eating in the Dark

  1. stel

    my youngest always asks me, when is the next blackout (not too often kasi) and once in a while we pretend there is one….good for bonding!
    you cooked all that?! very efficient, chef J!

  2. watson

    When we’d get brownouts in Baguio, we don’t mind it that much too because the nights there are cool. As kids, we’d play with puppet shadows or play hide and seek! My son and I did that too when we had a brownout one time. 🙂

  3. nance

    knock, knock … anybody home? can’t see a thing! lol
    all that for a little more than one hour? you must be a seasoned cook, jmom! … when is the next dinner? lol

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