Getting my groove back. Slowly…

Momma Duck and babies

Sometimes I don’t like breaking routine because it is so hard for me to get back on track. Since I went to California at the beginning of the month, I have been off kilter all month. It didn’t help that I was extremely busy at work for the last two weeks and that this past weekend was a three day weekend. Everything, it seems have just been upside down.

Anyway, I hope I get back into the blogging rhythm soon. All my blogs are sadly behind schedule and my two new ones are practically flat lining right now.

Blogging wise, here’s what’s been going on or not….

In our old kitchen, I am still posting and pointing to new recipes in our new food blog, Cooked From the Heart; however, I am now doing some sponsored blogging on that one too, so there will be reviews and what not in between posts about food.

I am behind on my blogging about food (what else is new, right?) but I’m trying to catch up in the next few weeks. Lately, I made some awesome cheesecake pops that the kids have already started to ask for again. My entry for Lasang Pinoy was a bit late and one that I wasn’t really happy with, but the girls and I have committed to making better bentos in the future. I’m also late posting for Daring Bakers this month. Today was the deadline to post and I haven’t even completed the challenge yet. I may try to do a really last minute attempt tonight. I’ll have to see how I feel when I get home.

With the weather getting warmer again, I am trying to revive my photo blog, In Our Backyard. Although, I’m a little disappointed with my point and shoot and am now hankering for a new digital camera, preferably an SLR but I’m not holding my breath 😛

Maybe if I earn enough bucks, I can get a new SLR. I’m still getting paid to blog at our old house, in our old backyard and at Found Not Lost, our review site. I’ll give more updates later on what the rest of the family has been up to.

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7 thoughts on “Getting my groove back. Slowly…

  1. Jet

    your backyard is so pristine. I would love to drink my coffee in one of those… heh. unfortunately, those don’t come cheap where I’m at. 🙂

    do duck families always walk in a line? just that whenever I see one, they’re almost always in a line. oh well…

  2. Jena Isle

    Nice and cool blogs you have.. .very well written posts too. I will add you too, to my blog roll, thanks also for dropping by my blog. happy blogging.

  3. Leah

    Good to know that lola is ok. Will pray for her continued recovery.

    And more power to blogging. Will visit your backyard and kitchen soon.

  4. JMom

    Hi Toni, ang dami ko ng utang na tags, but I have yours bookmarked and will do it ASAP 🙂

    hi Jet, I wish that yard was mine, but sadly, no, it was just some random yard in our neighborhood that the girls made me stop at just so we can look and photograph this family of geese. I think my girls and I must be part geese ’cause we always inevitably start walking this way whenever we are out. lol!

    hi Joan, yeah, me too. I still can’t get on a schedule no matter how I try. And these longer days and warmer weather is not helping either. All I want to do is be outside in the garden instead of in front of the computer 🙂

    hi Jena Isle, thanks for returning the visit. It was a good surprise finding your Clamor of Kalinga blog.

    Hi Leah thank you for your prayers. She is doing amazingly well considering her age and her condition. I will post photos of her as soon as I can get on the computer at home. You know how that goes with three teens lining up for the same computer. 🙂


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