Asi’s Art

I apologize I have been slow posting some of Asi’s artwork after I had promised a few family and friends. So finally, here’s a sampling of what she worked on over the summer. They had a gallery showing on July 18th and these are the pieces she had showing during their group show.

This is a self portrait.
Self portrait

A Collage.

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5 thoughts on “Asi’s Art

  1. Ting

    You have all the reason to be proud of her. Manang-mana sa ama. I know you will do your best to hone her extra-ordinary gift or art.

  2. nance

    Asi is real good, jmom … and i mean it. I love the self-portrait in particular … what do you call that type of art?

    Oh yes, in one of my post about halo-halo ice candy, you’ve asked where I bought those plastic bags. It was given to me by my sister-in-law as pasalubong from pinas. Since I love it so much and they are hard to find, I asked a friend who comes here in the US once a year to bring me some. Well, guess what she gave me a big package with about 5,000 pcs in a pkg. I’ve been giving it away to pinay friends. They are smaller than what my SIL gave me but better than nothing. I use a funnel to fill them up.

    I’ll be glad to send you a few … just let me know where to mail them.



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