Green Papaya and Nothings

Last night Jade went to a party at her friend’s house. I jokingly said before she left, bring me some left overs. She gave me her mortified-and-you-are-so-embarrassing look and kept going. She knew I was just kidding because I’d be the first one to talk about people who go to parties with the sole intent of bringing food home. Of course, if it is offered, I have nothing against taking left over party food home rather than letting it go to waste. I’m not that proud 😛 LOL!

I remember one party where one person even brought her own containers! Of course she was being considerate of the host, so she wouldn’t have to hunt for containers for her guests to take home.

Then there’s another incident where one person actually started making plates to take home before all the guests even had a chance to make their plates! This person had a stack of foil covered plates next to them while they were eating their plate at the party.

Anyway, back to Jade and the party. When I went to pick her up, she came out with a bag full of food. I’m like, you actually accepted food to take home? She said that her friends mom insisted her guests take food home because they had made too much and it would have gone to waste. *eye roll from her here* She goes, you happy now?

Well, after I saw she came home with green papaya salad and pan fried noodles, yeah, I was happy! 😀 hehe!

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12 thoughts on “Green Papaya and Nothings

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  2. JMom

    hi Ghazala, thanks for the offer. I sent you an email 🙂

    hi nance! The papaya salad was Vietnamese style, shredded like our atsara and also dressed with a sweet/sour vinegar but in addition it also had finely sliced pork, peanuts and mint. It was delicious! I’ll try to get the recipe and post it on the food blog.

  3. rolly

    When we attend parties given by relatives, bringing home left over food is customary. But bringing your own plates for the purpose, and in a friend’s house where you were just invited? I don’t know. What if wala naman palang intention na magpauwi yung host? Nakakahiya ata no? hehe

  4. delish

    naku… i will be honest that i wouldn’t mind taking home some food if I super liked the food (like at a party one time, there was so much alex franco cake left pa)…

    and I do offer food for guests to take home pag madami pa nga, rather than let the food spoil…

    but i hate, absolutely detest, people who feel they’re entitled to take-homes just because they attended your affair… and i remembered my boss before who would start packing stuff even before our corporate guests (or our colleagues during department-blowouts) have finished eating… ay nako talaga, kainis 😀


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