The Spaghetti Video

I live so far away from most of my Filipino friends so I don’t really have anyone to share my Filipino quirkiness with. Lately though, my daughters have been getting more interested in their heritage and are slowly delving into all things Pinoy.

Jade, for instance, has been into watching YouTube videos from other FilAms like Happy Slip and her comrades. I think Jade is finally picking up on some of the typically quirky Pinoy sense of humor. She is the one who shared this video with me on how to make Filipino Spaghetti. It’s not as much as the recipe that’s funny, (it’s actually pretty good – try it) it’s the delivery. 😀

p.s. you gotta wonder…. it’s gotta be only in the Philippines that you can find a humongous bottle of banana sauce like that!

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2 thoughts on “The Spaghetti Video

  1. becky

    I love banana sauce! Yum. My best friend made spaghetti like that one night. It was awesome. And hubby lived in the PI for a time, so he has introduced many things to me, like the banana sauce and lumpia. 🙂


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