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Valentines Day is coming up, I know. But as my eleven years old daughter grumpily commented the other day, “Valentine’s Day is over rated.” (I wonder where she heard that from?) So I asked, well don’t you want at least a cake on Valentine’s Day? She said, “Well yeah, just don’t make it heart shaped or put any hearts on it. Who wants to be eating a heart anyway!”

She reminded me also that February is Black History month and that this year is even more special to celebrate because we have a black president for the first time and now that can be added on to the history. She is right!

I was glad to see the announcement on the Mommy Daddy Blog that Home Depot is running a campaign to end on February 28th where they will donate 5% of the value of any MLK “Dream” gift card purchased. Proceeds will go to the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta for the purpose of creating a permanent exhibition home for the collection of 10,000 documents written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To celebrate this, the Mommy Daddy Blog is giving away a $50 Home Depot gift card. Visit their website for details on how you can win, and make sure you say hi to Jayden!

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