Best Pig EVER in the Philippines

Thanks to Our Awesome Planet for the heads up on this: No Reservations – Philippines. Ever since we took cable TV out of our home I have been out of touch with the going ons of my favorite cooking and travel shows.

I subscribe to the OAP feed via email and it’s my way of eating through the Philippines vicariously through Anton and family’s dining adventures. So today I opened my subscription expecting to read about another delectable restaurant I probably will never get to try out, I instead found out that No Reservations has been to the Philippines and the show (episode) aired just a couple of days ago on the Travel Channel. The show went there because Augusto Elefano managed to convince Anthony Bourdain to take No Reservations to the Philippines with this video.

I was also excited to find out that Anthony was hosted by Joel of Market Manila, a food blog that I have been a great fan of for years. If anyone can talk ‘lechon’, Joel is the man. The guy is as obsessed about pork as Bourdain. He’s built his own roasting pit and has been cooking up one pig after another in his quest for the perfect lechon, after all!

I am excited to learn that the video of the show is in YouTube. Yeay, YouTube! So I’ll rush home later and watch the whole thing! I’d watch it now but I’m at work 😛

Anton of OAP was kind enough to compile the links below for related articles about this episode.

No Reservations Philippines in You Tube uploaded by mrfhardy in 7 parts.
Pressure Drop by Anthony Bourdain’s Visit in Manila
Bourdain’s Hierarchy of Pork by Anthony Bourdain
“The Best Pig Ever” by Market Manila
Wok-king with Anthony Bourdain by Ivan Man Dy for Inquirer
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  2. Marketman

    Hi JMom, I would greatly appreciate it if you could remove my full name from the post and links as that was not intended to be shared on the No Reservations Program. Many thanks in advance… regards, MM


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