The Best is Yet to Be

I think I’m getting as addicted to YouTube as my daughters! lol 🙂 While they look at funny, silly stuff and music videos, I’m attracted to beautiful graphics and inspirational ones. Well, I like some of the funny ones too like the cute, talkative girl in my previous post.

This video touched me after finding out that the couple playing the piano duet have been married for 62 years. They are in their nineties and they are still playing music together. They laugh and they have fun. What an inspiration to us who sometimes wonder if we’re going to last another year together. See how their hands gently caress each others hip as they switch places. How they glance at each other and laugh. What a state to aspire for!

I was reminded of this quote (the first two lines from the poem Rabbi Ben Ezra) from the poet Robert Browning while watching the video:
“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be” – Robert Browning

It’s the quote that I think about sometimes when things get difficult between me and my husband; when I’ve irritated him or when he’s getting on my last nerves, I think to myself… ‘we’ll be laughing at this when we’re gray and old and it wouldn’t seem like the big deal it is now’. Having faith that we are forever… at least for as long as we both shall live 😉

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