On the Go Meals

We do a good job at eating home as much as possible; but when you have a full time job and three busy teenagers you just can’t help but eat out every once in a while. Well, more like at least once a week in our case. I try to plan meals so that when I cook, we would have enough leftover for the next day. Even with some planning, I get caught without a meal ready somedays. Often these times come when I’ve worked late or the kids had some after school activity that takes us past dinner time.

These are the times when we either pick up something to take home and eat or just eat out and save ourselves some clean up chores before bedtime.

More often than not though, I depend on quick and simple meals that can be prepared in less than an hour. Here are a few of our favorites.

Easy Carbonara, Easy Wonton Soup & Chicken with Basil & String Beans

Pasta Carbonara Wonton Soup Chicken w Basil & Beans


Baked Tilapia with Teriyaki Sauce & Onions, Fried Tilapia with Pasta and Asparagus & Pork Loin and Fried Rice

Baked TilapiaFried Tilapia pokloin&friedrice2

All these dishes really can be prepared under one hour. What is your favorite quick meal (bought or home cooked)?

If you’re like me and hoard coupons to eating places for just in case moments, you may be interested in winning a $5 gift certificate to Wendy’s. Just click on the link and tell them what your favorite meal on the run is. Good luck!

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