Summer Activities for Teens

It’s been two weeks since the girls got out of school and my car has finally stopped trying to turn for the kid’s school every morning. It feels strange but at the same time very relaxing to know that when I leave the house in the morning I go straight to work. I don’t have to drop off at the school or run to the grocery store for unexpected items that they were supposed to bring and forgot to tell me the night before; I don’t wake anyone else up but myself; I can take my leisurely time in the bathroom without someone knocking at the door; I don’t have to do any last minute ironing and I don’t have to remember to remind people to pack their homework so I don’t get a call in the middle of the day for homework deliveries.

In the meantime, my girls have turned their clocks totally upside down. I’ve been letting them do it since they had just gotten out of school and they needed the break. But I think the break is nearing its end. They have been staying up all night and sleeping all day. That is ending this week. They’ve been told to find something to do during the day or I will find something for them.

I’m not too worried about them keeping up with their academic skills. They do that naturally. Some of the things they do already:

  • Read
  • Write short stories or journal. They also blog.
  • Crafts – they like to crochet and knit. They also like to sew.
  • Draw & paint
  • Notice something missing? All these activities are done indoors and there is no physical activity of any type on the list.

    I am not the most active person, I’ve never been into sports, but that’s no reason that my daughters should be just like me. In fact, they are not. They’re still not as much into organized sports, except for one daughter, but they do like being outdoors when they get the chance.

    Well, I’m giving them that chance.

    My daughter who’s into sports, she plays field hockey, is trying to stay in shape before formal team training begins in August. So she walks and runs and when she goes on her run, her other two sisters and I go along albeit at a much slower pace. She’s also taking a jazz dance class once a week so I don’t really have to worry about her.

    The other two, they’ve been sleeping until noon at the earliest, they stay up all night playing on the computer or reading. So, they’ve been given notice that schedule ends this week. They will get up before noon, clean the house, prepare what they can for dinner (preferably something healthy), and when I get home from work we’ll go for a one hour walk. Everyday. On weekends, we’ll go on longer hikes. They will also be going swimming as soon as they find a place they want to take classes in. They don’t like our local pool as it’s indoors and during the summer it gets downright stuffy in there.

    Swimming is something that my girls love doing. I think this would be a great way for them to get involved in a more organized sport. As my other daughter has learned since she started playing field hockey, not only has she made new and lasting friends, she has also learned to be more disciplined and responsible about her health and fitness. She’s learned to be more diplomatic in the way she talks, she doesn’t come right out and tell someone they suck, instead they work together to improve their skills. These are some of the qualities that I’d like my two other daughters to pick up on. So off to swim camp they go and hopefully they will be able to join a team before the summer is over.

    How about you, do you do anything specific to encourage and reinforce sports in your kid’s life or are you one of the lucky ones who have naturally athletic kids who go find their own interests and cultivate it?

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    16 thoughts on “Summer Activities for Teens

    1. BJade

      Hahaha I love that picture of me and the girls 🙂 And I don’t ALWAYS tell people they suck. 😀 Also I’m volunteering you didnt mention that. And I go out a lot. Teehee. oh and I swim at my friends pools sometimes if I drag my butt out of bed early enough.

      Nice blog. Love ya!

    2. Meeya

      i’m planning to enroll ninna in swimming this summer, too! our other option is soccer but i’d rather she learn to swim first because she’s already good at kicking balls, haha!

      your girls have quite a summer ahead of them (and walking/hiking with them will keep you in shape too!) 🙂 have fun chicas! 🙂

    3. Omom

      Well I’m not exactly the athlete of the week (month, year or decade, LOL!) but it is the reason why I am not getting any rest this summer. I’m determined to get my girls to be more active than me. Besides their summer school schedule, play-dates and other activities in between they’re also taking private swimming lessons until the last week of July; then they move on to group lessons at their all-day summer camp for two weeks.

      We’ll be going to Vegas the second week in August (to celebrate your bday :D) and you know, more swimming. I think they (and I) have 2 weeks of unscheduled days before classes start in September. Yeah, they keep me moving, LOL!

    4. ConnieFoggles

      Looks like you’re doing a great job of keeping them active and busy, just what’s needed for the summer. I’ve got my daughter enrolled in swimming lessons and play dates that will keep her moving!

    5. Brian

      It’s a great idea to get your kids into blogging as long as they do it sensibly and responsibly.

      Just think, they have to organise their thoughts, construct some meaningful sentences on a subject that they might possibly have to put some research into.

      A very practical way of honing a few of life’s required skills.

    6. HoneyB

      I had the same problem when my children were little and I believe it was video games that caused that trouble! I don’t remember my brother’s and I being this way! We were always wanting to go out and join our cousin’s in the field to play ball, go climb trees, whatever was outside, we wanted to be there. When my kids insisted they wanted to play with legos, I insisted they took them out to the picnic table at least. Now they are grown they definitely enjoy outdoor activities. My youngest is heavily into biking! Some of it is just the growing up stages and I think they maybe need more sleep sometimes because their bodies are growing….Good LUCK!

    7. Mary Lee

      I am in the same situation! I have two teens and a tween and I am giving them one night a week to be vampires, but the other nights they have to sleep like humans and get up and be active.

      I was thinking this morning (it was a vampire night last night because a friend slept over): when they are babies, we get up at 3 am to feed them; when they are teens, we get up at 3 am to tell them to go to bed!

      Great blog. Thanks!

    8. TidyMom

      My almost 13yo dd loves to stay up all night and sleep all day too! LOL

      She is signed up for 2 basketball camps (one this week and another one in July)

      We also just got a trampoline last week – but it’s been SO hot here, it hasn’t gotten to much use yet.

      and of course she LOVES to go swimming, luckily one of her BFF’s lives close by and has a subdivision pool, so she spends a lot of time there.

      ……… you want to tell me how you get yours to help clean the house?! LOL


    9. Loretta

      Love the pic! Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep the kids active during the summer. My 11 year old is perfectly happy to lounge on the sofa and watch tv all summer long!

    10. Gera @ SweetsFoods

      I think that sports are needed all the year but more in summer (I’m in winter and it’s difficult to do outdoor activities).
      Sports must be funny not necessarily of the competition type and they’re good for the health and mind…especially for teens 🙂



    11. zerrin

      Either indoors or outdoors, doing sport is always neccessary. It makes us energetic and it helps us forget our stress. Especially teenagers should be aware of this. It\’s better for them to do a team sport, which is more enjoyable.

    12. Tracy

      It can be a real challenge to find outdoor activities in the summer, since it’s so hot here! My young teen would stay indoors and play games and watch tv all day, too. I strongly encourage (make) him go out with me on walks and to the playground to help me with the younger ones. I think having some responsibility is good for kids.

      He has physical difficulties so we do noncompetitive activities like swimming or karate.

      Funny, it’s hard to convince my little ones to come inside even when it’s over 100!

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