I Worry of Blessings on a Full Plate

So how does a month and a half fly by and you don’t even notice it? It seems like it was only days ago when I posted last. At the time, I was grappling with keeping my emotions and reactions to negativity in check. I did find the answers I was looking for. It calmed me down and it also helped that there was so many things going on with the girls that I kept busy most of the time. They are still busy, what with the school year ending and Asi graduating from high school and gearing up for college, my plate is full.

This was also prom time and with two high school girls, you can imagine the flurry of activities leading up to the big days. You’d think it was a wedding coming up and not a mere prom. It makes me wonder if we drove my mother this way during this time?

Right now, I am still sorting some things out. I worry how we’ll pay for college. I worry how my baby will fare out on her own. I worry that my youngest is not getting enough experience to fulfill her potential. I worry how my social butterfly will handle her senior year. I worry about the house, about the husband, about the garden and everything else in between. I worry that my gray hair and wrinkles are increasing exponentially with every new worry. And yet I worry. Because I suppose that is what I do best. And even with a plateful of blessings, I worry.

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2 thoughts on “I Worry of Blessings on a Full Plate

  1. JMom Post author

    Rolly, that is so true. It always comes out fine in the end but I just can’t help it! 🙂

    Hi Julie, yes, I can totally relate with the mother/daughter bond. My sisters and I have stretched and twisted that bond all kids of ways and it always bounces back to her. And she did say we’d get all the grey hairs and wrinkles that we gave her back with interest. lol! I guess it’s payback time. lol!


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