Father’s Day

My dad is not perfect and he knows it. He’s never been the ‘know it all’ dad. He’s never claimed to always know best either. That’s what made him special. He was always the first to joke around and always the last to leave when you most need help. He never was one to impart deep philosophical diatribes; what he dished out instead was a lot of common sense and straight forward advise. I’ve always appreciated that. It’s probably the reason that I am growing old with the tendency to appreciate straight forwardness and simplicity and common sense. And I kind of like that, still.

During my teenage years, my sisters and I came to live with my mother here in the U.S. along with our step-father. Our relationship with him was tentative at first but slowly developed into mutual respect and understanding. He always introduced us sincerely as his daughters and soon we also saw him not as a ‘step’ to anything, but just as a father. He loved people and he loved to travel. As I grow older, I take that gift from him; that of wanderlust and living life in the moment and for accepting people for who they are, nothing more and nothing less .

Then there’s the father of my daughters. He has been the kind of dad that if you measured your future beaus against him, you will be looking for a boyfriend for a long time. He adores his daughters and only want what’s best for them. He is raising them to be strong and independent women. He spoils them and yet makes sure that they stay evenly grounded. He makes sure they feel secure and safe and most of all, he is proud of them. Embarrassingly so, according to the girls. He would boast and talk of his girls every chance he gets, and he does love to talk to he gets a lot of chances to boast 🙂

I was blessed to have so many wonderful fathers in my life. These are just three of the immediate ones but I have always been surrounded by men who showed me everyday what it is to be a father in every sense of the word. To all my uncles, cousins and friends, I wish you all a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Continue doing what you do to influence and nurture the children in your lives…

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