It’s summer, that’s for sure…

I was looking through the draft posts I have on this blog this morning. Cleaning out some that I know I probably won’t finish or have passed it’s time. If you’re a blogger, you’re probably like me and start draft posts with ideas then come back to it later. Well I had quite a few saved up. Some of them with just a link to something that I may want to write about later, or short notes or sentences that would spur my memory later so I would remember what it was that I thought to write about.

Coincidentally, I found this draft that I had saved two years ago and never got around to finishing it. It was saved July 10, 2008, and this is what I had written so far:

Is it the weather or is it that I have just been too busy to blog? It’s probably a combination of both but I am almost sure it also has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve started my summer reading routine. So nowadays instead of heading straight to the laptop and the bedroom when I get home from work, I take my book outside in the garden along with a nice cool drink and read until the sun goes down or get hungry, whichever one comes first.

It got me thinking whether I should add a little more variety to my life because I am still doing the same thing! LOL! Well, I haven’t been as religious about my reading as I had been. Facebook got me tied to my laptop most of the time and I was just thinking yesterday how I haven’t read much lately. I have been too busy chit chatting on facebook or being nosy and reading about other people’s lives on facebook. Yeah, I’m addicted to facebook just like I was addicted to blogs. I can’t stay away from it! So much so that I have let blogging fall by the wayside and the same thing with my blog hopping. I don’t visit as many blogs as I used to since now I get to interact with those same people on facebook! How about you, are you on facebook yet? Are you addicted too?

This weekend though, I’ve made a pact with myself to be more regular about my reading and blogging. Especially my blogging obligations. I have agreed to read and review several books and I am awfully behind. Months behind, actually. So today, I am turning over a new leaf and this draft post from two years ago just reminded me.

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