It’s Almost Midnight

It’s almost midnight and just posting to be posting. Today was an OFF day in every way. If I didn’t have to get up to eat, I probably would not have gotten up at all. But the thing was, I woke up early! I still woke up at six this morning even though I was intending to stay in bed late since it’s a Saturday. I did have to take Mara to the school’s book drive and talent show at Barne’s & Noble, but that was only for an hour and a half and we were soon back home to do…. NOTHING. And now it’s almost midnight and I still have done NOTHING. Well nothing of consequence anyway, just like this post 🙂

And now just some random photo from my photobucket…

Fading lights
waning and dawning
it’s the magic hour
time for us to touch
just for a moment
to be one.

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