Word of the day: SNOW!

Did you know that today, almost every state in the U.S. has snow except for good ol’ Florida? Even Hawaii, which was at first thought to be the only holdout, got it’s share of fresh snow atop Mauna Kea mountain.

Everywhere you look online today, the topic is snow. I was reading somewhere that Wordless Wednesday‘s photos are almost all of snow! Some people experienced their first snow in their lifetime between yesterday and today! We had our share of snow and ice too, but not as much as some areas. The main problem for us was ice and the fact that yesterday was the scheduled day for my daughter to return to college. Luckily, the ice problem wasn’t as bad and we didn’t lose electricity which is always the main concern everytime it ices around here.

Schools in our area closed yesterday and today, and actually my college girl’s classes were also posponed to start tomorrow so she didn’t have any classes today yet either. But we still managed to get her there yesterday. The roads were actually not that bad, they were wet and a bit icy but certainly still driveable. We made it there and back without incident.

Today, the sun came out! It’s still freezing cold though, but at least the sun helps to melt some of the ice on the roads. I have a feeling the kids will be going back to school tomorrow. I came in to the office today and the drive was actually not that bad, just cold!

bike in snow

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