Is it Hibernation Time Already?

I have been spending too much time in court rooms lately. On my birthday at the beginning of the month (in August), I spent the day in traffic court to take care of a speeding ticket. My first in over 20 years, that is to resolved by online traffic school and paying the fine.

Then just last week, I was back in court for the house. Luckily, that case got dismissed but it still wasted my time having to go there for something so minor.

This week, I am contemplating more lawyer time for something even more mundane but like an irritating itch that can’t be denied, has to be scratched.

So I’m wondering whether I should have taken this month off and just hibernated. Think that would have helped? Would it have helped to curl up and wish everything away?

I doubt it. So tackle them head on it is! And try to do it with a smile because in the end, it’s all in how you handle yourself and your situations that matter.

I still had a couple of mini hibernation weekends though. The last two weekend I stayed offline. It meant no social media or blogging, but sometimes we need some down time. I did get to read quite a bit though, so that’s good. Now I only need to write them up for the review blog. But hey, if I don’t get around to it, that will be no big deal either.


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