The Battle of Malwares and Viruses

When you’ve been in a battle, be it personal, professional or otherwise, you can win the battle but the battle will take its toll on you. Maybe that’s why I avoid confrontations at all costs. I have very low energy and too much negativity and conflict drains me. That’s what happened to me the last couple of weeks.

I must admit, there is a part of doing battle that can be exhilirating. When your adrenalin is pumping and you’re all psyched to fight, your energy seems boundless. And when you’re still standing at the end of the siege, there is nothing like that triumphant high!

It’s the day after that sucks. You wake up from your victory celebration with a hangover for one, your muscles ache in places you didn’t even know you had muscles, and your body is bruised where you didn’t even realize you’ve been hit.

You look around you and that’s when it hits you. The battle has left on heap of a mess! And guess who’s left standing to clean it up?

That’s right, no other than…

So right now, I am cleaning up the mess left by malwares and viruses, trying to patch up holes where they may have gotten in before and going through every nook and cranny of files where I may have missed one.

It seems that malicious hackers and otherwise folks who have nothing better to do have been very busy injecting their diseases anywhere they can find a vulnerability. I have seen a number of blogs and websites go down in the past couple of weeks and they are still falling. It’s distressing, really. Frustrating at best.

But if ever the monsters come barging through your gates, do not fear and do not pay up the ransom quite yet. The solution can be found online and usually for free. There are still champions out there who will help you without taking your kingdom.

If you get a message that your malware problem is due to a vulnerability in the timthumb.php (it happens when the WordPress theme that you’re using the TimThumb plugin), then you should read this useful article regarding the TimThumb vulnerability and how to fix it.

If you receive a message saying that your problem is due to or somehow associated with your WordPress installation, the first place you should go is the WordPress support forum. You won’t feel so alone or lost anymore as you find other people who are also on the same boat as you. Best of all though, is that you can also get fast, almost instant, answers to your questions! It’s better than most technical support lines you can call!

And by the way, if you’re curious what’s bugging your sites, one of the best places I found to scan your site is Sucuri SiteCheck. If you’re wondering if any malicious code is hiding in your site or if you’ve been blacklisted but are still lost on why, scan your site and it will usually tell you which pages are causing the problem.

Most of all, don’t forget that Google is your friend (even if it’s the one that caused you to get blacklisted in the first place).  Search for the problem that you’re having and usually, it will lead you to an answer. The answer may not always be right, but it will lead you somewhere and that usually leads to something else. Be prepared to do a lot of reading.

But if time is something that you can’t afford to spend in this battle, then there are also many places that will do the work for you. You may have to put out quite a bit of ransom, but if you can afford it and you think it’s worth it to save your sanity, then I say go for it. Then maybe you’ll come out of it with all your metaphors and allegories still intact.



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5 thoughts on “The Battle of Malwares and Viruses

  1. Jeanette Post author

    I hope so too, but some things are still acting funky. At least my sites aren’t banned by Google anymore and that red warning is gone. Crossing my fingers.

  2. Anja Dobrovski

    Yes, I have to agree with others, AVAST is really good, use it everyday on my home PC and also at my office. Also I recommend for you to get free CCleaner which keeps your registry in order !

  3. Cindi F

    My kids recently downloaded something on my laptop and it was not working at all. Luckily it was only on their profile so I ran the Cloud Virus scan on my profile and was able to get whatever virus or Trojan was at fault. It is hard keeping my computers safe with kids though because they want to download games or music and aren’t always very careful about the site they are downloading from.


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