Here’s a couple of tongue twisters for you… triskaidekaphobia, friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia. Know what they are?

They are all fancy ways to fear the number 13 or the day, Friday the 13th. So if you are afflicted by any of those conditions, I’m really sorry to hear that.

But…. it’s Friday! It’s the 13th, and I’m OFF WORK! haha! luckily, it’s temporary, not permanent I’m only off for the day. 😛 And if anyone thinks that I didn’t go to work because I’m afraid, then so be it. I’m still enjoying this beautiful day away from the office!

How about you, are you superstitious? Do you fear Friday the 13th? Do you do anything different on this day? Are you more cautious?

Here are three things that people avoid doing on Friday the 13th:

Travel – many people avoid any kind of travel (by road, air or sea) on Friday the 13th because it is considered unlucky. Mariners who are already some of the most superstitious anyway, will refuse to sail on Friday the 13th because it is supposed to be a very grave omen.

Business – some people will not conduct any negotiations or transactions on this day because it’s bad luck. Well, any business except those involving taking your money. They will still sell you stuff.

Deliver – I was listening to one woman talk about how she held her baby in for as long as she could just so she wouldn’t have to deliver him on April Fool’s Day. How many pregnant women do you think are holding it in now just so they won’t have to deliver on Friday the 13th?

What would you add to the list?

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