Early Voting in Durham

I came out of the polling place and said, “Yeay Romney!” My daughter said, “WTH??” LOL!

Today is the last day of early voting in Durham and we took advantage of the convenience and went as a family. Every year, we have been voting as a family since the girls were babies. Now, the two older ones are old enough to vote and when we’re together as today, I always enjoy going en force.

So this morning, we got up early. Unusual for a Saturday. We made it to the polling place a half hour after they opened and managed to walk right in, without any lines or trouble parking. I liked it! I don’t know why we hadn’t voted early before. It is so much more convenient!

Even though there is no school on election day, Tuesday, I would have had to leave work early to go vote, and I am sure there would have been the usual crowd and long lines. This was so much better!

As for my other daughter who is away at school, she told me last week that she already sent in her absentee ballot. I asked he why she didn’t just vote in California? She could have registered there and voted there. But she explained that California is already a shoe-in for Obama and North Carolina is still a swing state. So she sent her vote where it would count more. Smart girl! I didn’t even think of it  that way.

If you hadn’t voted already, make sure to go vote on election day, Tuesday! It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for, if you’re able, GO VOTE!

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