Lincoln and the 2012 Elections Aftermath

Location, Location, Location! LOL!
Image Source: IMGace

In the aftermath of the presidential election, tonight seems pretty boring. Like most Americans and many people worldwide, I stayed up late last night holding my breath and waiting for voting results to come in. I went through the ups and downs as the numbers and graphs did the same then joined the collective sigh of relief when President Obama was finally declared the victor of the race.

I was still a bit disappointed though that North Carolina was the only swing state to favor Romney. I took little comfort that at least in Durham county, the vote was resoundingly democrat even as we now have a republican governor.

Today, it’s back to normal except for the occasional high fives and ‘GObama!’ and ‘Four more years’ as fellow democrats met in the hallways at work.

Facebook and Twitter even were strangely subdued this morning. I suppose everyone is hung over after the social media blast of the past months, culminating in a virtual explosion last night.

So I thought it was a funny coincidence that the other day I ran across an old essay written by my then 7-year-old daughter about Abraham Lincoln complete with misspellings and naivete of youth and none of the cynicism that seems to touch optimism borne by the newly elected; and today, even more funny, is the photo above which I just happened to stumble onto while browsing. Makes you wonder if the placement was intentional or accidental which leads to me wondering if these random coincidences mean anything at all or not.

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