Two Recipes Using Yucon Gold Potatoes

I love Yucon Gold Potatoes! It’s almost the only potatoes I ever use in the kitchen anymore. I may buy the occasional red or white potatoes especially if they’re on sale or if a particular recipe calls for them but my go-to potato is the yucon gold.

It could be a bit pricey at times but I think it’s worth it. The flavor is so much richer and who can resist that pretty golden color!

Here’s a couple of recipes using these golden potatoes. Perfect now that the weather is again cooler.

Nilaga: Oxtail Soup with Potatoes and Vegetables

Nilaga: Oxtail Soup with Potatoes and Vegetables


This is one of our favorite soups, oxtail soup. It is a very simple soup packed with flavor and vitamins. It is a very versatile soup and you can change up the type of vegetables you add to it. If oxtails is not your thing, you can use another cut of beef to your liking (beef short ribs is very good for this dish). My eldest daughter loves oxtails though, and this is one of the favorite ways she likes it.  … Read entire article »


Chicken Afritada – Chicken Stew

Chicken Afritada – Chicken Stew


This is based on the Filipino Afritada recipe which my family has gotten to simply calling chicken stew. Which, basically, is what it is. I like it because, well, you can only have fried chicken so often (their favorite), and this has both starch and vegetables and a hearty gravy all in one pot so it’s perfect … Read entire article »

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