Should We Get Rid of our Babies?

Meet our his and hers babies. They’re pretty sad lookin’ aren’t they?

They’re our babies before we met each other. His is the black Triumph and mine is the Blue Firebird. We just had our 21st anniversary, so that means we’ve had these two for over 20 years.

Since we married and had kids, we used these cars only during our early years together. After that, we got ‘family’ cars and vans to accomodate the kids, but we never got rid of our babies. We just took them to the backyard where my husband would occasionaly start them up just to make sure they’re still alive. Aside from being moved around the yard, they really haven’t been driven for years.

My last two cars have been minivans since I had the kids and their friends with me most of the time. My husband has a pickup truck since he needs it to haul things for the garden and also for his art. Lately, he’s been using it to haul his tools on jobs when he’s renovating a house. He’s normally pretty happy with his truck as long as it’s running.

I’ve noticed recently though that someone has been a little pre-occupied with the mail than usual. We get a lot of junk mail and sometimes we get some from car dealers who can make their sales so tempting that my husband just can’t immediately toss them into the recycle bin like I do. One of the things that always catches his attention is when he sees the glossy photos of trucks from the toyota tacoma truck dealerships. I think he is fantasizing about one bad!

It is during these moments of weakness that he actually even considers selling our old cars to make room for a brand new, shiny one.

Then we look at each other and say “NAH!”

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