Weighing In at Office Ramblings

We’ve had a lot of people coming through my office the last couple of weeks. What with summer internships starting and meetings of all sorts bringing people in and out of the office, it’s been feeling like Grand Central lately.

Normally, our office is quiet and deserted like this…


The view of the outer office from my door.


Today, one of our international visitors, a rather large and burly gentleman, arrived and after he had settled in and got comfortable, he started telling us about his travel adventures. We were amused because as large as he is, he was complaining about someone else who was big enough to overflow the limits of narrow coach seats on the the airplane!

He went on and on, ranting about the soundness of charging passengers by weight instead of per seat.

Funny how one person can distract a room full of otherwise intelligent people to such an extent that soon everyone was playfully speculating on how to implement such a policy.

Someone suggested that in addition to the x-rays, airports will start installing industrial scales on the floors too so that they not only could look into your insides, now they can also gauge how much you’re worth and charge you accordingly. Ridiculous!

If ever the  airlines go the route of weighing passengers to determine their fare, I’m sure floor scale manufacturers will be lining up to bid on that job. For instance, platform scales at FloorScalesDirect.com and similar places can be as subtle or imposing as they need to be. Some of the scales are designed that you can’t even tell they are scales. They blend seamlessly with the floor, except that they would be able to gauge your weight were you standing on top of one.

I doubt that airlines will ever get away with something like that though. Just imagine the charges for discrimination and privacy issues that can arise from such a policy.

But… it was a good enough topic to burn up an hour at the office.




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