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Saving Time and Money with Underground Irrigation

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Even though the weather outside is frightfully cold and snowy, spring is on its way. The seed catalogs and nurseries are advertising with brilliant pictures and luscious vegetables for our yards and gardens. Attractive as the advertisements may be, it’s time to consider a problem that may have occurred last year: delivering water to the plants, lawns, and shrubs.

Spending the summer dragging hoses from place to place, measuring the amounts of water applied, and watching to see if plants are wilting takes a great deal of the pleasure from gardens and landscapes. Then, when the water bill arrives, budgeting for the increase can be a challenge. Underground irrigation systems can be the answer to these problems.

Are you aware that underground irrigation systems were invented over 3,000 years ago in Persia? Furthermore, those same systems, called Qantas, are still available today in modern Iran. It was found that these underground systems saved a substantial amount of water, allowing beautiful farms and gardens to be grown.

Unfortunately, with the onset of diesel pumping systems that over-pumped aquifers, these underground systems cannot reach the depleted aquifers. A version of these systems can be installed in your yard. Alexandria Irrigation Systems can be the answer to heavy hoses, constant sprinkling, and measuring of water. You could even reduce your water bill by installation of an underground system because your lawn will be healthier and more able to withstand the stresses of heat and diseases.

Some of the same techniques of installation are used with modern underground irrigation systems as were used in the Qanats. Careful leveling to take advantage of the natural flow of water from one place to another, placing sprinkler heads just where they will provide the best usage of water, and examining the entire area to be covered to facilitate the use of the land are all carefully considered. Fortunately, modern Americans aren’t as reliant upon the depth of aquifers as the ancient Persians.

Connection to household lines from the city reduces the problem of sinking water tables. Maintenance is as important now as it was to the Persians. In modern irrigation systems, checking for leaks and flow in the spring is necessary as is cleaning the lines of water to avoid freezing over the winter. You will enjoy your new underground irrigation system.

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