If You Must Have Guns, Keep them Locked Up

The husband came home one day with a rifle. He knows how I feel about guns. I don’t like being around them, I don’t like them around my kids. But he says he’ll keep it locked up and away from view or easy access. He says he will on use it for wildlife. The ones that demolish our garden every year. So grudgingly, and only because the girls are older now, I let him bring it in the house.

People who buy guns for the safety of their family and children have the right to make that choice. The only thing that concerns me is that they take that right seriously and with responsibility. There have been too many accidents between kids and guns for me to be comfortable with having them around.

However, if you must keep a gun, buy gun safes. They are the most effective and easy way for people to keep the guns they have in their home without putting anyone at risk. Kids should not be around guns, and they must be kept away from them because they do not realize how dangerous they really are. This makes guns something that must be locked up when the children are at home and when the family is all over the house. Just as many prisons and police stations have armories, the gun safe in the home is the place where people can go to get a gun to defend themselves, but it is also the place where they can go to store their guns when they are not in use. Storing the guns is the most important part of the gun ownership process, and people who do not have a gun safe will have to use ineffective means of storage until they decide it is time to make the most of their gun purchase and get a safe that is going to hold all of their guns.

A gun safe can be made just to hold small handguns, but it can also be made to allow for the gun owner to store rifles and other larger guns that would not fit in a traditional safe. Purchasing a gun safe that fits all of the weapons that someone owns is much more important than most people think. Not only can the gun keep the guns out of the hands of children, they will prevent the guns from being stolen or used against the family if someone were to rob the house. This safety precaution is something that every homeowner should think about when they decide it is time to invest in a gun safe.

When getting a gun safe, every family is making a choice to take safety over everything else. This means that guns can be kept away from children and also out of the hands of intruders when the guns are locked away in a safe that is completely secure and easy to use. Without these gun safes, people would not have good places to keep their guns, and guns would likely be the cause of much harm in the home.

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One thought on “If You Must Have Guns, Keep them Locked Up

  1. Ashley Maynard

    Great article: A child or teen is killed once every seven and a half hours with a gun, either by accident or by suicide. Purchasing a gun safe that fits all of the weapons that someone owns is much more important than most people think.


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