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Keeping Homes Intact with Home Warranty Protection

When people buy appliances, electronics, and other common household goods, they often realize that they have a finite warranty on these belongings. However, once the warranties expire, many people neglect to consider what other protection they should invest in to keep those goods functioning properly.


Tips for Protecting a Deck

Spring has sprung although you wouldn’t know it from the still cool temperatures here in Durham. The good thing is, it is now palpable. It is coming and you can feel it. You can see it, almost smell it. It’s definitely time to start sprucing up the backyard, and if …

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Saving Time and Money with Underground Irrigation

Even though the weather outside is frightfully cold and snowy, spring is on its way. The seed catalogs and nurseries are advertising with brilliant pictures and luscious vegetables for our yards and gardens. Attractive as the advertisements may be, it’s time to consider a problem that may have occurred last …


How to Get Rid of Bad Kitchen Odors Safely and Naturally

Even the best of kitchens can succumb to the bane of lingering odors from various foods. The average kitchen is constantly chopping, cutting, blending, mixing, pounding, baking, frying, grilling and sauteing all sorts of foods. This creates a problem after a while because odors can build up and turn a …


When You Need Carpeting in Your Home

When you are planning on carpeting a new home, your office, or re-carpeting a room in your home, you do not have to slave away choosing the right colors, hoping that they look good, and then spending too much time and money working on the installation. There are carpet experts …

His Day is Done

Some call him a terrorist, a communist, and even a sell-out. To many more, he is a revolutionary, a visionary, and a hero. And his day came to an end this week. Tomorrow, world leaders, dignitaries, family and friends memorialize him who who showed the world that forgiveness and reconciliation …


My Daughter’s Doodle Art

I think most of us doodle during our idle times or maybe even during out not so idle moments. Anyone can doodle and does! But you’ve got to admit, very few people can turn their doodles into art. My daughter had a chance to review these Bic markers not so long ago …

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Dolls: Timeless Toys That Children Love

Dolls can be traced back more than 4000 years, to the times of the Ancient Egyptians but dolls have evolved from wooden, vaguely human shaped figures to dolls such as those in a fashion doll play set that so many children love today. Some people are critical that today’s children spend too …