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Amoores Blog Updates

Here’s a couple of new posts on the Amoores blogs:

New recipe on the food blog: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes Soup with Mushrooms

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes Soup with Mushrooms

This is another use-up-the-leftovers innovation otherwise known as everything-but-the-kitchen-sink soup in our house. A few weeks ago, I made meatloaf. I love meatloaf! Especially when it is paired with mashed potatoes, gravy and green peas! It is comfort food for me, taking me back to school days and cafeteria lunches. Yes, I  actually didn’t mind them! My children, on the other hand,  will not eat in any of their school’s cafeterias. Go figure! Their dad also has … Read entire article »

New book review: The Roots of Betrayal by James Forrester

Halfway Through NaBloPoMo!

NaBloPoMo November 2012Whew!!! I’m still here 🙂

Usually, I would have fallen off the wagon on the first week of blogging everyday but here I am, almost halfway through the month and haven’t missed a day yet! If you’ve been keeping up, there were days when I did wimp out and posted a quick photo or infographic just to be able to say DONE! for the day. And that’s ok… there’s no hard and fast rules about what you should be posting for NaBloPoMo… just that you should post everyday.

I think I deserve another break for reaching the half-way point, don’t you think? So I’ll leave this post short and sweet. I leave you with this collection of love songs from the 80’s and 90’s to keep you company. If you’re around my age, I’m sure you’ll hear at least one song that brings back at least one memory.

Just for fun, tell me which song and memory. Have a great day!

Do I Dare NaBloPoMo?

NaBloPoMo November 2012Several years ago, I actually completed a NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)! I have attempted several more times since then, but I always ended up flaking out and not finishing the whole month. After all, November is a hard month to blog everyday on what with the holidays coming up and all.

Since I first completed one, NaBloPoMo has expanded so it’s not just in November anymore. You can actually participate in NaBloPoMo every month now. Also, the event hosting has been moved to BlogHer. Usually, there is a theme for each month but this month, it’s a free for all; which I like because I never could come up with good ideas on the fly.

So I’m off to a slow start, and given that I’ll be posting daily, most of my posts will probably short unless  there is something that I must, absolutely have to spout about. I have been out of sorts with my blogging for the last couple of years so I’m trying to get my mojo back, so to speak. I figure if I have a reason to write down some none sense everyday, that I would be more likely to do it and perhaps get into a more disciplined schedule of blogging.

Are you doing NaBloPoMo this month? If you are, leave me a link so I can come by for a visit and support 🙂

P.S. if you need motivation, they have a list of blogging prompts to get you going, Monday through Friday, with the weekend being free form.


Cleaning House… Again

So I just did another round of house cleaning. No, not my real house. Are you kidding me?

I cleaned my social media house is what I meant. I have dabbled with many social media accounts over the years but the two that I use the most is Facebook and Twitter. I not only use them for blogging purposes, I also use them for personal and work stuff.

I realized some things with these two accounts that prompted me to do a bit of house cleaning.

With Facebook, I use my personal account also for blogging purposes which totally confuses my non-blogging friends and family. Luckily, facebook has adopted one Google + feature, and that is being able to classify your friends lists into ‘circles’ (Google+) or as Facebook calls it, ‘lists’. So now when I have an update that only pertains to my friends who blog, I make that status update only visible to them and when I have status updates about ‘Aunt Mary’ being sick or something, I can make that visible only to my relatives, and so on..

But before that can happen, I had to first classify my facebook friends into groups or lists. It took quite some time as I had lumped together in one huge Friends List all my family, friends and blog contacts. It was a huge task to go through almost a thousand names and classify them.

And in the process, something dawned on me…

I don’t know half the people on my Friends list and barely have interacted with them in the years that I have been on facebook!

So I decided then to do some house cleaning. A drastic one.

I went through all my friends on Facebook and if they hadn’t interacted with me in anyway, I deleted them from my friends list. Why? Won’t it hurt my blogging network?

Not really, because your old friends that you UN-FRIEND will still be subscribed to you (another useful feature in facebook). My facebook wall is almost all public, so they will still see my public updates. What they won’t see are the updates from my friends and those that I mark either ‘Friends Only’ or those that I mark specifically for my targeted groups. Pretty cool, right?

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Who Says You Don’t Meet Real People Online?

Who says you don’t meet real people online? Today, my heart is heavy because one of my blogging friends passed away. She hasn’t blogged for a while, but we managed to stay connected on facebook. It was actually nicer because I heard about what she’s doing everyday through my facebook feed.

So it was sad when I logged on this morning and learned that she had passed away. The pain and grief is real and so was the pleasure of knowing someone you’ve never met in person. So yes, you do meet REAL people online and Skeeter was one of the most real person you could have known.

To her family and friends and family, online and offline, my deepest condolences. She will be missed.