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This Hungry Place is about to Starve

Most people have a hard time believing that people here in the U.S. go hungry too. And NO not always by choice, I pre-empt the ones who say we are always on a diet. The sober truth is, all you have to do is look a little closer at your neighbors or people you pass on the street next time. Many people can barely afford to eat and are too embarrassed to admit it.

Too embarrassed to admit it because in a country as rich as ours supposedly to be, it’s unthinkable that anyone’s stomach should grumble involuntarily. An yet, congress is proposing cuts to food stamps and other forms of aid to the poor. No, strike that. Yesterday, conservatives actually pushed through the bill that will cut billions from the food stamps (a.k.a. SNAP–the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and other welfare programs.

Many conservatives claim that SNAP is out of control and rife with abuses. If they had their way, it should be simply eradicated. What they don’t realize is that the population that benefits most from the program is the future of this country, the children. See the quick infographic below for figures.

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Weighing In at Office Ramblings

We’ve had a lot of people coming through my office the last couple of weeks. What with summer internships starting and meetings of all sorts bringing people in and out of the office, it’s been feeling like Grand Central lately.

Normally, our office is quiet and deserted like this…


The view of the outer office from my door.


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Cheap Lunch at LiMing’s

Spring is definitely on its way in but some days are still chilly and soup-weather like. So when it’s been cold and gray and I just need a quick pick me up of something warm, this soup has been my salvation. It helps that it’s only a five minute drive from my job so I can just pop in there, pick up a bowl and be back at my desk before you know it. Yes, I eat at my desk on most days and I like it that way ­čÖé

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5 Points on the Sundance Channel

It’s true! I was watching the documentary last night while the hubby was snoring as always. Then all of a sudden, I saw one of his prints on the wall of the Peterson house!

I had to wake him up to show him. lol! Thank goodness for the DVR, I was able to rewind it for him. I should have taken a screen shot. It’s a print of his Durham’s 5 Points drawing that the Peterson’s bought at an auction a few years ago. I remember meeting them at that event. Who knew years later he would be accused and convicted of killing her?

5 points Durham

The Wet Burrito

wet burrito

There is nothing like a wet burrito to get my family into the kitchen quickly. There are days when I need a bullhorn to get everyone unglued from their computers or tv screens and into the kitchen for dinner, then there are days when there is wet burrito. On days when I announce we are having all-meat beef burritos, I don’t have to say it┬á twice. They are immediately at the table.

For my youngest daughter who is not even a big meat eater, she comes to watch the sour cream slide off the burrito.

Of course, she still eats her share of the tender,┬ádelicately seasoned beef encased in a large flour tortilla and doused with the paprika and chili flavored gravy that the beef were stewed in. The sliding cream is just an added pleasure ­čÖé