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Love Always Gives Me Hope


I hope you all had a pleasant day with families and friends. There is so much to be thankful for despite all the bad news lately. And really, if you look, there is so much beauty, love and hope around us. Just look at the video below. Most of the time we catch people in the act of being bad but if we look, we also catch many being good.


Foto Friday

I’m making today Foto Friday just because it’s been such a weird and busy day and I totally forgot to pay a bill on time and didn’t have time to craft a post today. Have a great weekend!

Do You Put Up Halloween Decorations?

Image Source: The Budget Decorator

Do you decorate for the seasons or for that matter every holiday? There is a house in our neighborhood that decorates their front lawn year round, depending on the season and the occasion. Of course they catch all the major holidays like Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter; but depending on the mood of the owners, they will also put up decorations for the lesser holidays. Flag Day, for example, or Ground Hog Day. We, the neighbors, sure enjoy going by there to check out what’s new!

Me, however, that’s about all I can muster regarding holiday decorations, to admire other people’s efforts. I barely get by decorating inside the house for the kids’ sake as it is.

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Downgrading from the Family Van

Our eleven-year-old minivan has served us well over the years but it is now at a point where little things here and there are cropping up. Although it’s been well maintained and hasn’t had any major repairs done to it, the little problems are starting to crop up more often than it did in its younger years. I can relate. Aging does that to the best of us.

As much as I love our Chrysler Town & Country, buying the latest model would just not make too much sense for us especially since we now have two daughters in college. Not only is their college expenses putting a crimp on our finances, we also don’t need that big a car anymore now that we only have one daughter to drive around.

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Weekend Domestic Diva Mode

Ok, so Domestic Diva is not exactly what comes to mind when describing myself, but this weekend I think I may have had a moment. That’s right, I have my mommy homemaker moments too!

Saturday, according to my daughter, was a perfectly beautiful pre-fall weather. It was 80 degrees, it was sunny and it was just slightly breezy. I had a sweater on. I wanted 90 degrees and humidity. I want summer back! I’m not quite ready for fall yet 🙁

Grumbling about yet another shopping stint for the girl, we rewarded ourselves with an al fresco lunch which kind of made up for the speedy arrival of autumn temps. We bought KFC for those left at home and ended up relaxing for the rest of the evening.

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