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Of Lasagnas and Birthday Traditions

Every year on their birthdays, they get to choose the meal. On previous years, when it came time to my youngest daughter’s birthday, everyone else in the house will start dreading the day because they know what is coming. SPAGHETTI!

Happy Belated Birthday, Ange!

So we are bad Aunties and cousins “Bad, bad, bad, forgetting to send that baby’s card!” (we’re hitting ourselves ala Doby in Harry Potter :)) Ange turned one last week, on Thanksgiving, and we forgot to send her card. I found it in my purse this mornings sowwy….


Today is my baby clone’s birthday, she is seven years old! Last year, when she was in kindergarten, we were allowed to bring cake and ice cream to celebrate her birthday. However, this year, her teacher has a policy of no birthday parties. I am a bit glad to hear …