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After Christmas Snow

One reason I loved Christmas when the kids were younger was how well behaved they would be leading up to it! When they are being bad, lazy or getting ready to have another melt down, I start singing “You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry I’m telling you why…” Amazing how effective that song was! I miss it.

Now I have jaded teens who send me links to their wish list via email or text. No more hand written letters to Santa and definitely no more leverage to blackmail them into behaving. The song just doesn’t cut it anymore. They just laugh at me now when I start singing.

But that’s alright, I don’t really need to sing the song. I didn’t really need to sing it a lot to make them behave when they were younger either. I just liked singing it. lol! Seriously, they’re good girls and we’re very proud of them.

We had a quiet Christmas observance this year, just the five of us and we were blessed with the very first ever white Christmas! It’s been nice hunkering down and enjoying the snow outside. I hope you had a great celebration with your family.

A few more photos of the snow are posted In Our Backyard.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


flower girl
m a s, I
w o u l d
like to put
up a tree in my
heart, and instead
of hanging presents,
I would like to put the
names of all my friends.
Close friends and not so close
friends. The old friends the new
friends. Those that I see every day
and the ones that I rarely see. The ones
that I always remember and the ones that
I sometimes forget. The ones that are always
there and the ones that seldom are. The friends of
difficult times and the ones of happy times. Friends
who, without meaning to, I have hurt, or, without meaning
to have hurt me. Those that I know well and those I only know
by name. Those that owe me little and those that I owe so much.
My humble friends and my important friends. The names of all those
that have passed through my life no matter how fleetingly. A tree with
very deep roots and very long
and strong branches so that
their names may never be
plucked from my heart. So
that new names from all
over may join the existing ones. A tree with a very
pleasant shade so that our friendship may take a
moment of rest from the battles of life. “May the
happy moments of Christmas brighten every day of
the new year”. These are my sincere wishes.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas tree

Visit with Santa

Every year, the company I work for graciously hosts a Children’s Christmas Party for the children of it’s employees. They provide activities, snack, and the unavoidable visit from Santa. My girls, for some reason, have never been too crazy about taking pictures with Santa. Actually, when they were smaller, they were terrified of him, and would not have anything to do with him. So, they have never had any ‘mall’ portraits with Santa. It would have just been too traumatic. The only time I managed to cajole them into sitting on Santa’s lap has been at the Christmas Party at work. I think the novelty of going to mommy’s job proved to be a worthwhile bribe for having to endure Santa’s attention.

Santa and Rudolph

This year, I am proud to say, the Clone was not too shy to speak up. She told Santa exactly what she wanted him to bring her, and she also managed to squeal on her sisters. They weren’t too happy about that, especially when it was their turn to talk to Santa.