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Love Gives Me Hope

It’s always the small events in life that matters the most and I have never felt that more to be true than the past week.

Last week, I received a disturbing message on facebook. Now I don’t usually entertain these type of messages and I’ve gotten pretty good at letting things roll off my back. But this one, it stung a bit because of the nature of it. I tried to laugh it off but it bugged me…

I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but my husband noticed that something was eating at me and so he asked what it is. So I told him.

Someone is jealous of me and claims that I am after her husband. This woman claims that I am flirting with her husband and wants to continue a relationship with him. She also claims that all my facebook updates are directed at her husband. That wouldn’t have been so bad in and of itself but she has also gone around to people who know me (are related to me) and told them her tale and plead with them to please talk some sense into me.

I told my husband the story, a little concerned that he may believe the rumors. You know what he said?
“I have a beautiful and intelligent wife!! It’s natural that they’d be jealous!”

Wasn’t that sweet? But that’s not all. He knows all this is going on around the things I post on facebook. So today, just a few minutes ago, actually, he comments on one of my posts and I just about cried! He never comments on my facebook! We would look at some of the things I post and discuss the more interesting comments at home, when we’re sitting next to each other. No need for us to comment on each other’s walls. But this time, I know he did it to show his support of what’s going on (he usually leaves me to do my thing on fb). I know he wants my fb stalkers to know he’s got my back no matter what they are claiming about me. See, my husband knows me better than anyone else. He knows such claims should be pitied.

So there! You gossipmongers, see if your husband who is supposed to be so wonderful that I would want to take him away from you, is as awesome than the one I have! I’d be insane to want anyone else!

There is a website called Love Gives Me Hope and I never thought I would ever have a story to post on a site like that but I think this story comes pretty darn close!

Today, my husband made me go “AWW” with something as simple as a comment on facebook. 😀

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Sad and Insecure on Facebook

Dear Sad and Insecure on Facebook,

I don’t know you beyond the name and profile you put up on facebook and I don’t mean to judge you or call you out. It’s just that ever since I found out about you, my perverse curiosity has been piqued to the point that I look forward to your occasional and pathetic post on facebook.

No, we’re not friends on facebook so you don’t come up on my feed. I have actually gone to the extent of searching your name just so I can have my nefarious need to feel superior satisfied. I give a little snicker when you talk about how beautiful your wife is and how grateful you are to have married her. My eyes roll when you dedicate love songs to the goddess that she is. When you thank her for being mother to your brilliant children and thank your lucky stars for delivering her to you when you needed her the most, I feel incredulous sadness.

It sounds so totally horrible and petty of me to think of you this way and I do feel terribly guilty. But it is like watching a train wreck, you know? I want to turn away but I can’t. That detestable gossip in me can’t turn away as I check every so often what new status update you’ve come up with. You know, that ones that no one comments on because they are probably too embarassed to or too confused. Assuming of course that you do have friends on facebook. Like I said, we’re not friends so I can’t see how many you’ve got.

I wonder which one of us is more sad and insecure? You who created an account in your husband’s name then proceed to extol your own virtues, or I who actually takes the time to search you out just so I have my wicked pleasure for the day? It is really pathetic, don’t you think? No, not you… me!

I mean, yes, part of me feels sorry that there are people like you out there, sad and needing attention. But even more pitiful are the wretched people like me who converge on disasters and cannot turn away. We clog up the highways during accidents, we make a nuisance of ourselves standing around rubber necking. We couldn’t even be bothered to move out of the way so the ambulance can get to you.

So which one of us is more pitiful? And who is more sad and more insecure? You tell me.

Your stalker friend,
Morbid and Perverse

Your Life on Facebook

I must admit, I spend way too much time on facebook. Luckily, I came upon facebook rather late or I would be close to having my life story on there by now. Since today was a really busy day and I didn’t really have time to write, I’m taking this as my video post day.

Have you ever thought how your life would look if you took all your status updates and made a movie out of them? That would be interesting!

Is it OK to be Friends with Your Teens on Facebook?

I found out recently that sometimes, you can have information overload! lol 🙂 My daughter has me as friend on facebook and one time it just so happened that one of her updates that she had tagged me on generated a long and extended conversation among her friends. Some of which were not politically correct, some were rude, and some were mean. It bothered me a bit, how they talked to each other, not to mention that I received over 70 email notifications from this particular discussion. However, no one was getting offended and they seem to be having fun with it. I supposed it is just how they communicate with each other.

Instead of adding my comment to the fray, I took my daughter aside and talked to her about the language and tone of the conversation she was having with her friends. She admitted some of the comments had gotten out of hand and she took it upon herself to get her friends to tone it down.

Later, while talking about all the ‘discussions’ generated by that thread, she off-handedly thanked me for not commenting. I told her I had considered it… I really was going to say something to them about cleaning up their language and not be so rude to each other. My daughter said, “Thank you!! for not saying anything. That would have been so embarassing!” LOL! I guess if I was a teenager I would be embarassed too.

I found out about this funny site where teens can get revenge on their Facebook intruding parents by posting the offending comment from their ‘parentals’, as we are called.

So, you finally caved. You’ve accepted a friend request from your Mom, Dad, crazy Aunt Ida, and your college roommate’s newly divorced mother. Well here’s your chance to get back at them for taking away your public privacy.

The site is called My Parents Joined Facebook and the image below is an example of the kind of posts on there.

Like I said, I am friends with my daughters on Facebook but I try not to abuse the privillege. Some of their friends have even friended me and I’ve friended them back but I am very conservative with my interactions with them. I try to limit myself to simply clicking the ‘like’ button when the have something nice. NEVER wall-to-wall communiques and definitely no smart aleck comments no matter how funny I think it would be.

If you’re on the fence about having your kids or your family as Facebook friends, read more about this issue here in this amusing article, Parents’ Facebook Infiltration.