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Healthy and Meatless Summer Meal

We are enjoying the heat of summer here in NC and our garden is doing well despite the scarcity of rain. The garden is putting out enough that we’ve been eating off it for a while now. The husband requires meat with all his meals or it’s not a meal, but the girls and I enjoy meatless meals all the time. Even when there is some meat cooked, we sometimes forego that and just eat the vegetables.

Here are two vegetable dishes that has become one of our favorite meals. The combination of the two dishes along with some garlic fried rice makes it a perfect weekend brunch for us.

Tortang Talong – Eggplant Fritata

Tortang Talong – Eggplant Fritata
The garden has been doing well this year and the three Japanese eggplants have been very generous. Aside from the new recipes we’ve tried out using eggplants, this is an old standby that we always fall back on, especially for breakfast. We call this ‘tortang talong’ in the Philippines. It is basically a whole eggplant that is grilled over flame to burn off the skin, and peeled. Some people also simply boil it then peel it, … Read entire article »

Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms

Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms
This is another simple, fast and extremely satisfying vegetarian dish that is a favorite with my girls. We have been having lots of meatless meals lately and no one but the husband is complaining When this photo was taken, we had it for brunch along with eggplant omelette and garlic fried rice. It was perfect! Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms Print Recipe type: … Read entire article »

The SiLog Breakfasts

Filipinos have a penchant for creative nomenclature. That means we can get really creative when it comes to naming things. Just look at some of the names of small business signs anywhere in the Philippines and you’ll see what I mean. So it is only to be expected that this creative naming also extends to food.

Breakfast basics for most Filinos is fried rice (Sinangag) and eggs (Itlog). Most Filipinos would have rice and eggs for breakfast everyday with only the addition of a variaty of viand such as longanisa (Filipino sausage), tapa (marinated beef), tocino (marinated pork), daing (dried fish), tuyo (dried sardines), bangus (marinated milkfish), or pusit (dried squid). So when you’re in a restaurant ordering breakfast, you would combine the name of your viand with the name of the basics, sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs). For instance, if you were to have the marinated pork, it would be ToSiLog – a combination of Tocino, Sinangag and itLog. You get the idea, right?

So far, I have made a couple of SiLog breakfasts in our kitchen. First, my husband’s favorite Filipino breakfast meat, Tocino which is pork marinated in soy, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper.


The second SiLog dish I made is TapSiLog, short for Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog. Filipino tapa is beef marinated in lemon, soy and black pepper.


This is my husband’s close second favorite. But the best way he actually likes this is stirfried with onions and peppers ala bistek, for dinner.