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Recipes for the Grill

It’s that time of year! We’ve dusted off the grill and have been cooking out whenever we can so as not to heat up the house.

First is a sauce great for ribs or chicken especially if you have an abundance of fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Barbecue Sauce

Strawberry Barbecue Sauce

We were lucky enough to be gifted with freshly picked strawberries recently and instead of making jam, I decided to make barbecue sauce and marinade instead. The family loved the strawberry flavored barbecue that not only looked it but also smelled gorgeous while it was cooking. I started the sauce by blending the sauce with some raspberry flavored vinegar that was also … Read entire article »



Now a couple of seafood dishes cooked on the grill…

Grilled Whole Tilapia

Grilled Whole TilapiaThere’s really no recipe for this. After all, nothing could be simpler than to merely slap a piece of meat over a hot coals until it’s cooked. We have been grilling a lot lately, taking advantage of the warmer weather that is not yet too blisteringly hot to be outside over a hot fire. We’ve been having a cooler than usual … Read entire article »



Grilled Stuffed Squid

Grilled Stuffed Squid My daughter Asi and I were on a seafood kick last weekend but we were tired of shrimps which is what we normally get. We decided to grill some tilapia and squid for a change. When my dad had grilled squid for us in the past, he always used the smaller, more tender variety. The Asian market where we bought … Read entire article »


How to Eat a Flat of Strawberries in Two Days

Tomatoes, corn and strawberries,  are best consumed on the same day that they are picked. The longer they sit, the more they lose flavor. Put them in the refrigerator, then you might as well kiss all their natural sweetness goodbye.

So when a good friend dropped off a flat of freshly picked strawberries early one morning, my daughters and I immediately pounced on them. They were still a bit warm from the field and just oozing with sweetness! I think the best way to eat them is in their raw, unadulterated state. I think we ate a whole pound in the first few minutes after that flat hit our kitchen table.

May27 003

Sure, strawberries are great made into jams, pies, ice cream and other dishes but nothing beats their flavor when they are eaten raw and at the peak of freshness. So on the first day that we received them, we ate strawberries all day, starting with brunch.

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Healthy and Meatless Summer Meal

We are enjoying the heat of summer here in NC and our garden is doing well despite the scarcity of rain. The garden is putting out enough that we’ve been eating off it for a while now. The husband requires meat with all his meals or it’s not a meal, but the girls and I enjoy meatless meals all the time. Even when there is some meat cooked, we sometimes forego that and just eat the vegetables.

Here are two vegetable dishes that has become one of our favorite meals. The combination of the two dishes along with some garlic fried rice makes it a perfect weekend brunch for us.

Tortang Talong – Eggplant Fritata

Tortang Talong – Eggplant Fritata
The garden has been doing well this year and the three Japanese eggplants have been very generous. Aside from the new recipes we’ve tried out using eggplants, this is an old standby that we always fall back on, especially for breakfast. We call this ‘tortang talong’ in the Philippines. It is basically a whole eggplant that is grilled over flame to burn off the skin, and peeled. Some people also simply boil it then peel it, … Read entire article »

Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms

Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms
This is another simple, fast and extremely satisfying vegetarian dish that is a favorite with my girls. We have been having lots of meatless meals lately and no one but the husband is complaining When this photo was taken, we had it for brunch along with eggplant omelette and garlic fried rice. It was perfect! Bean Sprouts and Mushrooms Print Recipe type: … Read entire article »

Shrimp Heads and Cooperatives


With the recent news about imported frozen shrimps full of anti biotics and illegal drugs that have been long identified as carcinogenic and have been banned in the U.S., it is even more important to eat locally. Locally caught shrimps have none of those harmful carcinogens and what little chemical is found on them is marginal compared to the imported, farmed, frozen varieties where it is a common practice to introduce drugs into the population in order to increase harvest. The wild caught shrimps that we get locally also taste better.

Durham Farmer's Market viewed from the hill

I love seafood and I grew up eating really good and fresh seafood so I am a bit of a seafood snob anyway. I only buy fish and shell fish that are practically still jumping and here in Durham, there was a time when I couldn’t find any decent seafood aside from the filleted and frozen kinds. I also liked seeing all the parts to my seafood. Heads, tails, and all, which seemed to freak out a lot of people around these parts.

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Spring Salad with Strawberries

There’s no recipe for this one, the ingredients are pretty self-explanatory, just take a look at what’s on the plate. I am simply invoking the gods of spring with this photograph, to bring it on already! I am ready for some warm weather, fresh fruits and vegetables. Aren’t you?

Spring Salad

On the food blog end though, I am still playing catch up with posting old and new recipes.

I posted several soup recipes that you may enjoy: Continue reading