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The Latest on the Blogs – Fish and Toys

It’s summer time! Time for salads and fruits and everything fresh. But why the heck am I having the strangest cravings for soups? I have been wanting soups with lots of green vegetables on them so when my daughter came home for summer break, I decided to try out this fish recipe that I saw on Overseas Pinoy Cooking. Normally my daughter likes her fish fried, but she said this fish soup is not bad at all! I liked it too, but I think I liked the miso dip that was recommended with it better. It’s what made the dish, I think, and I have been using it to complement other dishes.
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Books I Just Read

There is something about the winter months, despite its low lights, that makes me want to curl up and read. Sure, I live on the internet and most days you’ll find me with the laptop on… you guessed it, my lap. But nothing beats the time you spend inside the pages of a book when it comes to relaxing your mind and purging it of problems for a while.

Next to my easy chair in my bedroom, I have a stack of books that I’m reading. Some, I’m reading simultaneously and others I knock off in one sitting.

Here are two books that I just finished reading:
This Much is TrueThis Much is True by Jackie Lee Miles is the story of 13 year old Andrea (Andi for short) St. James, a rich Southern girl who goes through some pretty challenging events in her life. First, her favorite brother dies, which drives her mother to drink, which then drives her father to sleep with another woman. Her older sister is being mean to her as she gets ready to get married and her only refuge is her best friend, the cook and the gardener. That is until her best friend has to move away and so many other twists and turns to the story that you wonder how this girl is coping with it all. That’s the beauty of the story. She does cope, and she does a lot of growing up.

Storm of the iStorm of the i is an Artobiography by Tina Collen. This is one book that you can enjoy beyond the first read through. It is a biography of Tina Collen but it is also a scrapbook of her life. Her own artwork populate the pages but so do works from her friends, her favorite artists, and her children. It is a fascinating way to compile one’s biography. The collection of memorabilia and artwork would probably been able to stand alone as a coffee book but couple that with her clear, easy to read writing and compelling story telling, and you have a book that cannot be put down.

I honestly recommend the two books above. The first, This Much is True, is appropriate for the same age group as the heroine, around 12 on up. While I would let my 13 year old daughter read or flip through the Artobiography, other parents may be more conservative. Some of Ms. Collen’s artwork labeled ‘fleurotica’ are quite beautiful but also a bit risque as are some other images within the book. The story itself though, the text, I think is appropriate for teens.

Today, a post from author Molly Harper about how she came up with the idea for her upcoming book, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf. Interesting title, huh? I’m getting a review copy of this book so I am looking forward to reading a novel that came out of being stuck home without power during an ice storm.

I’m giving away $50! and Time-Saving Tips!

To celebrate the season, I am giving away a $50 gift card as part of the Bank of America Blog Tour! All you have to do is leave me a comment on the giveaway post (not here) to let me know how you take back some time during this holiday season.

As part of the tour, Bank of America shares the following tips on how to save time over the holidays. For more tips on saving time and money, check out the Tips and Information section of their website.

Holiday Time-Saving Tips

  1. No more backtracking! A lesser-known “route planner” feature on MapQuest helps you save both time and money by mapping out an entire journey – with multiple stops – all in one convenient step. You can add up to 26 destinations along any route, and the tool gives you the fastest route. Since launching in July, it has saved North Americans more 3.2 million miles!
  2. Road trip rules: Seasoned holiday road-travelers live by three simple rules: 1) invest in a quick pass to whiz past hour-long lines at the tolls, 2) plot out where to get the cheapest gas along the way by using a “gas prices” feature on MapQuest, and 3) pre-pack energy-boosting snacks and beverages to avoid crowded rest stops and fast-food joints.
  3. Babysitting or playdate exchange: Gain kid-free time to make your way through your holiday to-do list by coordinating a playdate exchange with another family.
  4. Find a holiday helper: Save time and relieve stress by finding a holiday helper to assist with household chores and last-minute errands. Don’t hesitate to ask your normal sitter, cleaning person or a neighborhood college student who is home for the holiday stretch. And don’t be afraid to delegate household chores to your own children home for winter break!
  5. Make sure it’s in stock: Nothing wastes more time than driving from store-to-store in search of a specific item. Do yourself a favor and call ahead or better yet check store inventory online before you leave home. Many major e-tailers offer customers the convenience of purchasing items online and then picking them up in-store…some with express pick-up lines.
  6. Wrap it up: Socialize and wrap up your holiday duties by inviting your friends over to chat, nosh and yes, wrap gifts! Everyone brings a roll of wrapping paper, ribbons and other decorative elements to share with the group. Also, watch for “free gift wrapping” promotions from online merchants. Sometimes you may have to spend a certain amount to get the promotion to kick in, but it may be worth it given the time you’ll save on the backend.

Do you have any Time-Saving Tips to share? Visit my review blog, Found Not Lost and tell me about it. You may win $50!