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Sabra Hummus Giveaway – Enter Now!

This is the last week to enter the Sabra Giveaway on my food blog, Cooked From the Heart, so head on over there and leave a comment! U.S. and Canada only, unfortunately, as I have to mail the prize pack myself 🙂

The Pita Bread Maker and a Giveaway

The Pita Bread Maker and a GiveawayI came home one day this week and saw this sign on top of the coffee maker. It’s the first thing you see upon entering the kitchen. And right next to the coffee maker is this pile…I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew the pizza queen has been at it again. She came into the kitchen about the same time that I did, having heard my car pull up in the driveway. With a huge grin … Read entire article »

Cleaning House… Again

So I just did another round of house cleaning. No, not my real house. Are you kidding me?

I cleaned my social media house is what I meant. I have dabbled with many social media accounts over the years but the two that I use the most is Facebook and Twitter. I not only use them for blogging purposes, I also use them for personal and work stuff.

I realized some things with these two accounts that prompted me to do a bit of house cleaning.

With Facebook, I use my personal account also for blogging purposes which totally confuses my non-blogging friends and family. Luckily, facebook has adopted one Google + feature, and that is being able to classify your friends lists into ‘circles’ (Google+) or as Facebook calls it, ‘lists’. So now when I have an update that only pertains to my friends who blog, I make that status update only visible to them and when I have status updates about ‘Aunt Mary’ being sick or something, I can make that visible only to my relatives, and so on..

But before that can happen, I had to first classify my facebook friends into groups or lists. It took quite some time as I had lumped together in one huge Friends List all my family, friends and blog contacts. It was a huge task to go through almost a thousand names and classify them.

And in the process, something dawned on me…

I don’t know half the people on my Friends list and barely have interacted with them in the years that I have been on facebook!

So I decided then to do some house cleaning. A drastic one.

I went through all my friends on Facebook and if they hadn’t interacted with me in anyway, I deleted them from my friends list. Why? Won’t it hurt my blogging network?

Not really, because your old friends that you UN-FRIEND will still be subscribed to you (another useful feature in facebook). My facebook wall is almost all public, so they will still see my public updates. What they won’t see are the updates from my friends and those that I mark either ‘Friends Only’ or those that I mark specifically for my targeted groups. Pretty cool, right?

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Win Amazing Prizes on Giveaway Wednesday!

I have two amazing giveaways going on my food blog and I am using the Rafflecopter widget for the first time to make it easier for everyone to enter. If you love giveaways, you’ll love today’s post because besides from my two, I have provided links to other giveaways on the blogs.

Since I started hosting giveaways, I have also started entering quite a few of them and I tell you, there are some great giveaways out there and YES, they are all legitimate (I know there’s still skeptics out there), and yes the chances of winning are very good. I even ended up being a follower of these blogs and have gotten to know their owners.

So take note of these giveaways, and enter them soon! Some of them don’t last long.

Here are the two on my food blog:

Natural Dish Liquid Pack Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid Prize Pack
If you haven’t tried the natural cleaning products from Seventh Generation yet, here is your chance to try them out. Not only do you get 4 full sized dishwashing liquid, you get that beautiful Le Creuset baking dish, dish cloths and natural sponges. You’ll love them. I assure you!


Barilla Pasta Pack Barilla Whole Grain Pasta Giveaway
Now this one has a short duration and a short deadline for the winners to reply, but the effort will be so worth it! You will get a box full of goodies from Barilla, good enough to feed your family for a while. No sample sizes here either, all are full sized products. The six packs of whole grain pasta is enough to make this giveaway worthwhile but the other items take it way over the top. You’ll also get to try Barilla’s Academia line of Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Pesto, Sea Salt and Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes! Heck, you have a full meal right there, straight out of the box 🙂


And if that’s not enough for you and you want some more goodies, don’t fret. There’s plenty more. Here’s a list of giveaways that I’ve entered so far and will add more to this list as I go through my list.

Chore Pad App for iPad and iPhone from Random Dealz

Loveable Labels from Random Dealz

Howard B. Wigglebottom book from MD Momma’s Rambles & Reviews

Destiny Redeemed by Gabrielle Bisset from Reading Romances

Giant Microbes plush toy from MD Momma’s Rambles & Reviews

Carmex Healing Lotions from Woven by Words

Winner Wonderland giveaway extravaganza (over $250 in prizes!) from Queens NYC Mom

Baby Items Bundle from Untrained Hair Mom

Lego Ninjago from Africa’s Blog

$200 Cash via Paypal from Beck Valley Books

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus from the WIC Project

Ultimate Body Applicator from 7 on a Shoestring

UGLEE Pens from Let’s Start Saving Now



A Lucky Week for Giveaways!

You have to buy a ticket to win the lotto. And since I don’t buy lotto tickets, you won’t ever see my name attached to a number with lots of zeros.

I do like freebies though, and the easiest way to get that is through online giveaways. I like hosting giveaways and I also like entering them. Most of the online giveaways pick their winners at random so even if there are thousands of entries, your chances of winning are still very good. I’ve won some awesome prizes from giveaways but I have also entered giveaways where I never saw the prize even after repeated emails to the host. But, that doesn’t happen often; only once or twice since I started signing up for these things.

I ran two giveaways on my food blog in the past month and the thing about hosting giveaways is that you end up running into other blogs who are doing the same thing! So as the old cliche’ goes, one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’ve entered a ton of giveaways! Well maybe not a ton, but quite a few.

I just learned this week that I won two of the Halloween Trick r Treat giveaways that I entered! The first win was from Blessed Elements, where I won a leaf making kit. The second win which I was just notified of this morning is from Maryland Momma’s Rambles and Reviews where I won a Mommy and Me gift pack. Now I’m crossing my fingers that more luck is coming my way 🙂

I will have another cool giveaway next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the two blogs I won prizes from this past week. They host giveaways way more than I do and some of them have pretty awesome prizes.

Do you like entering giveaways? Which sites are your favorite? Let me know!

OH, by the way… the new trend among giveaway hosts, I’ve noticed is Rafflecopter! I makes doing all the additional entries so much easier. I’ll start using it on my next giveaway, so stay tuned!


Pink Together, Cheerios Giveaway

I like to run short giveaway periods so this is for THIS WEEK ONLY. This giveaway will end on Monday, October 31, make sure you get over on the food blog soon.

The items in this giveaway pack are really pretty and also useful. My daughter has been using the water bottle and she doesn’t even like pink! This one is very cool looking though. I kept the ear buds for myself since they keep taking my headphones. I love the sparkly rhinestones 🙂

The cookbook, you just know I’d be all over that one! The recipes are great and I already have some bookmarked to try out. Also in the cookbook contains great information about dealing with cancer and the side effects that come with treatment. Whether you’re going through therapy or know someone who does, I’m sure some of the information and tips in the book will help you. Don’t think though that the recipes are only for cancer patients, they are all delicious looking even for us who are lucky enough to just want something good to eat.

Pink Together giveaway

Click on this photo to enter the giveaway! Ends Oct. 31, 2011