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How to Get Rid of Bad Kitchen Odors Safely and Naturally


Even the best of kitchens can succumb to the bane of lingering odors from various foods. The average kitchen is constantly chopping, cutting, blending, mixing, pounding, baking, frying, grilling and sauteing all sorts of foods. This creates a problem after a while because odors can build up and turn a once happy space into an unpleasant one.

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Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

Are you one of those super organized and on time people everyone hates and already have your garden tilled and spring cleaning done? Or are you more like me, the ace procrastinator and goddess of distraction?

Every time I walk into a room at my house lately, I see things that need to be done. Then I walk out.

Oh, I know I have to get around them somehow and the sooner the better. I can’t stand a mess, after all. I just don’t like cleaning them up.

For instance, last night I was so sleepy that all I wanted to do was take my shower and lay down. But on the way to the shower, I felt grit under my feet. I tried to ignore it but the more I walked around, the more dust and junk keep sticking to my soles.

I don’t ever wear shoes or slippers inside the house so I knew this would totally get on my nerve when I step out of the shower and have to walk around picking up grit on my newly washed feet. So I go get the broom and sweep the whole house until it is dust free. And I thought I was too tired to do anything! Well, I guess I could dig deep to find the energy when I have to.

So that’s what I aim to do this week. Dig deep inside me and find the energy to clean the rest of the house. This is not your usual wash the dishes, do the laundry and mop the floor type of cleaning. Hopefully, you do all those on a regular basis. lol! I’m using this list for How to Keep A Clean and Healthy Home as a guide. Thank goodness I don’t have to do some of these tasks but a few times throughout the year.
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