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Silently cheering for raindrops

I like watching raindrops race across my window and silently cheer for them

The quote above is a facebook page that I ran across sometime ago and the sentiment has stuck with me since then every time I see raindrops on my window.  Today is one of those days.

I am a warm weather girl and I don’t enjoy the rain, cold and snow. But you know what, I can dislike them all I want and they will still be there. There is nothing I can do about them. They are part of life.

But just because I dislike something doesn’t mean I can’t find the good in them. That’s part of life too.

When I’ve gotten over my initial complaints about the wetness and the chilliness, I settle down and start enjoying the thrills that these things that I dislike bring like the raindrops racing across my window.

When I watch the raindrops on the window with colors of autumn just beyond, I am reminded again how in everything there is something to smile about, something to rejoice in, something to love…. even in the things that we think we dislike.


Happiness is an Old Green Chair

The biggest financial mistake my wife and I ever made was worrying about what people like us were supposed to do. If we had simply focused instead on what made us happy, we would have found ourselves in a much better financial place all the way along. ~ The Simple Dollar

In life, we don’t always learn our lessons early enough. There is no accelerated course in life, we all just have to muddle our way though; tripping and falling along the way but hopefully getting to our destination a little bit wiser and stronger.

Haven’t we all given something up that we totally love just because we thought it didn’t fit the way things are “supposed” to be? This post is not only talking about a financial philosophy, it is also about our philosophy about life in general.

Some of us take more stumbles than others before we learn our lessons; before we come to the realization that ultimately, we only have ourselves to please. In the end, when all is said and done, we find that we are alone in our happiness. Happiness is something that no one can give us, it is something that we have inside us that only we can bring forth.

It is within us all to be happy. We can choose to be happy or unhappy. So how do we bring forth happiness? We draw out happiness by how we perceive life… the people and things around us.

The green chair, for instance. It’s old, it’s worn, fading, thinning and unraveling in some places. But it gives you comfort. It’s your favorite place to be. It relaxes you, it makes you happy.

But it’s old… it’s faded… it has holes. We should replace it. We can afford it. It’s the right thing to do.

Who says it’s the right thing to do? Why can’t we hold on to it if it makes us happy? Who rules what is in our home anyway? You or other’s opinion?

In my youth, I probably would have thrown out that green chair. I probably would have bought something new and shiny and fashionable; and my friends would have been suitably impressed when they came to my home. It probably would have made me happy for a while.

But in my old age, I know now that such happiness is fleeting. I will soon miss the cushiness of that old chair whenever I try to snuggle down into my new and fashionable chair. In my old age, if I had a green chair, I will know better and will keep it to please me. I will give it a softer, cushier cover, maybe mend its holes and renew its stuffing. I would keep it because it give me joy. I would keep it because it makes me happy.

Perception. It’s all in how you look at things. That old cliche’ about the glass being half empty or half full holds a lot of truth to it. You can let devastating news bring you down or you can learn from it and find something to ease a little happiness out. I’m not saying to never be sad or grieve; we all need that too. What I’m saying is, hapiness is within reach and we can hold on to it.

And that green chair, it’s like the people in our lives. Don’t give up easily on the people you love just because it’s the thing to do. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and bring forth what makes you happy.



Is it Hibernation Time Already?

I have been spending too much time in court rooms lately. On my birthday at the beginning of the month (in August), I spent the day in traffic court to take care of a speeding ticket. My first in over 20 years, that is to resolved by online traffic school and paying the fine.

Then just last week, I was back in court for the house. Luckily, that case got dismissed but it still wasted my time having to go there for something so minor.

This week, I am contemplating more lawyer time for something even more mundane but like an irritating itch that can’t be denied, has to be scratched.

So I’m wondering whether I should have taken this month off and just hibernated. Think that would have helped? Would it have helped to curl up and wish everything away?

I doubt it. So tackle them head on it is! And try to do it with a smile because in the end, it’s all in how you handle yourself and your situations that matter.

I still had a couple of mini hibernation weekends though. The last two weekend I stayed offline. It meant no social media or blogging, but sometimes we need some down time. I did get to read quite a bit though, so that’s good. Now I only need to write them up for the review blog. But hey, if I don’t get around to it, that will be no big deal either.


Sad and Insecure on Facebook

Dear Sad and Insecure on Facebook,

I don’t know you beyond the name and profile you put up on facebook and I don’t mean to judge you or call you out. It’s just that ever since I found out about you, my perverse curiosity has been piqued to the point that I look forward to your occasional and pathetic post on facebook.

No, we’re not friends on facebook so you don’t come up on my feed. I have actually gone to the extent of searching your name just so I can have my nefarious need to feel superior satisfied. I give a little snicker when you talk about how beautiful your wife is and how grateful you are to have married her. My eyes roll when you dedicate love songs to the goddess that she is. When you thank her for being mother to your brilliant children and thank your lucky stars for delivering her to you when you needed her the most, I feel incredulous sadness.

It sounds so totally horrible and petty of me to think of you this way and I do feel terribly guilty. But it is like watching a train wreck, you know? I want to turn away but I can’t. That detestable gossip in me can’t turn away as I check every so often what new status update you’ve come up with. You know, that ones that no one comments on because they are probably too embarassed to or too confused. Assuming of course that you do have friends on facebook. Like I said, we’re not friends so I can’t see how many you’ve got.

I wonder which one of us is more sad and insecure? You who created an account in your husband’s name then proceed to extol your own virtues, or I who actually takes the time to search you out just so I have my wicked pleasure for the day? It is really pathetic, don’t you think? No, not you… me!

I mean, yes, part of me feels sorry that there are people like you out there, sad and needing attention. But even more pitiful are the wretched people like me who converge on disasters and cannot turn away. We clog up the highways during accidents, we make a nuisance of ourselves standing around rubber necking. We couldn’t even be bothered to move out of the way so the ambulance can get to you.

So which one of us is more pitiful? And who is more sad and more insecure? You tell me.

Your stalker friend,
Morbid and Perverse