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Are People Getting Paid to Comment?

With the increase in seemingly inane and unrelated comments that I have been getting on my blogs, I started to wonder if some of these people are getting paid. So I thought I’d look into it and what better place to start your research than Google right? I tell my kids to Google stuff all the time when I I don’t have a ready answer. lol!

Anyway, so I googled “get paid to comment on blogs” and guess what? YES! Yes, people now can earn money by leaving comments on blogs. That explains a lot. It also makes me feel better about deleting comments and blocking IPs.

When I get relevant comments, especially from other bloggers, I try to return the visit and comment on their blogs. To me, that has just been good blogging manners. Lately though, with all these spam comments and scraper blogs popping up all over the place, it’s getting harder to tell the legitimate sites from the bad ones. What’s worse is, they can negatively impact innocuous bloggers like me who are not looking to make a quick buck but have been at this blogging thing just for the sake of getting our thoughts out there in the vast, vacuum of the internet.

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