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Not Broken, Just a Little Bit Bent

Some laugh, some cry, some become mute and others can’t help but scream; but the depth of what they are feeling is no less than or more than the other. Everyone has their own way of feeling and grieving.

For Filipinos, it has been a devastating week that started the day super typhoon Yolanda stormed across the belly of our beloved Philippines. As in most tragedies, it has brought out the very best and the worst in people. I have been watching, reading and listening to the news because that is all I can do.

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It’s MY CHOICE – Don’t Tell Me Where to Shop – Even if it is in Hell

In a perfect world, the issue of having control over one’s destiny, morality, health and ultimately, your own body would be a non-issue. We would all have the option to choose one way or another. If some of those choices are wrong then that would be our cross to bear.

However, to be denied a choice that you know is right for you as an individual and is not harming anyone else is just plain wrong.

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