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Pink Together, Cheerios Giveaway

I like to run short giveaway periods so this is for THIS WEEK ONLY. This giveaway will end on Monday, October 31, make sure you get over on the food blog soon.

The items in this giveaway pack are really pretty and also useful. My daughter has been using the water bottle and she doesn’t even like pink! This one is very cool looking though. I kept the ear buds for myself since they keep taking my headphones. I love the sparkly rhinestones 🙂

The cookbook, you just know I’d be all over that one! The recipes are great and I already have some bookmarked to try out. Also in the cookbook contains great information about dealing with cancer and the side effects that come with treatment. Whether you’re going through therapy or know someone who does, I’m sure some of the information and tips in the book will help you. Don’t think though that the recipes are only for cancer patients, they are all delicious looking even for us who are lucky enough to just want something good to eat.

Pink Together giveaway

Click on this photo to enter the giveaway! Ends Oct. 31, 2011