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My Craft Ideas on Pinterest

Sometimes I wish I was more crafty or have time to do crafts. I have a board on Pinterest labeled ‘Craft Ideas’ but I think it is more accurate to describe it as my crafts wishlist.

It is a collection of things that I either wish I had time to do or wish I knew how to do.

My other purpose for having this board is also to bookmark ideas that may come in handy one day. Of which, one of those days cropped up resently when my youngest daughter asked me to make her a pompom for a hat she just knitted.

I know, you just gotta love your kids. They always think you know how to do everything! Thank goodness for Google! I didn’t look quite the dummy as I quickly crafted a pompom out of yarn. She was quite impressed.

If only she knew. LOL!

Anyway, while learning how to make pompoms from yarn, I saw this terrific idea which uses old t-shirts.

Well with three t-shirt wearing girls, we are never out of rags and you can only use so much for rags. I think this this a better idea to re-cycle them more constructively. I would love to try making these! Continue reading

Too Much Time on Facebook – How Do You Manage?

You know I am spending too much time on facebook when I let things that I read there upset me or get to me. You know I’m spending too much time on facebook when I’ve blogged about it for two or three times now.

I don’t mind the times when a thread gets so funny and interesting that it gets multiple comments from everyone and it becomes chat like. I end up thinking about those conversations hours later and still get a giggle. Those are good.

The bad is that one status that irked you so much that you didn’t even bother to comment, but you’re still thinking about it hours later anyway. That’s annoying.

That’s also disturbing when you think about the fact that you are thinking about facebook or twitter or pinterest long after you get offline and even find yourself expending emotion over stuff you run into. It’s a bit scary and sad at the same time, don’t you think?

Continue reading