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A Snowy Mess?!!

Yeah, so how can you have a mess when you only get an inch of snow? When it quickly turns to ice, that’s how. Read about the mess here. They closed the schools an hour earlier than usual, so I took my lunch break from work to go pick them up. I left work at 1:00 as they are letting them out at 1:20 and usually it only takes me 10 minutes to get to their school. Well, it took me an hour. I was almost in tears as I sat in traffic getting frustrated by the minute. Not to mention I had to pee real bad! That must have been part of the reason why I was almost in tears 🙂 By the time I got to the girls’ school, it was 2:20, their usual dismissal time. They said their teachers were a bit irritated that some of the students were not picked up at the designated time, I don’t think they realized how bad the traffic was. Some poor kids got stranded in school and have to spend the night there because their parents couldn’t get to them. I am glad I got mine in time, and they are now safe and snug in their beds, happy little bugs that there is now school tomorrow.

We didn’t get this much snow, these photos were from a few years ago when we got 24 inches of snow overnight, and were homebound for ten days. It was just so pretty…

The girls sure wish they could do this again 🙂